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February 26, 2021

Ryann O'Toole

Orlando, Florida, USA

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. You said yesterday that minus 4 would be the number. How do you feel now that you hit minus 4 every day and are still on track?

RYANN O'TOOLE: Well, I just went out and stuck to my same plan as yesterday. Just commit to every shot. Couple pins out there still to avoid. Kind of have to play smart and let the birdies come. (Indiscernible) I think I need to clean up the bogeys tomorrow, that will be probably my goal for tomorrow.

Other than that, just trying to do fairways, greens, and stay patient.

Q. What was a memorable birdie for you today or maybe the shortest or longest putt you made?

RYANN O'TOOLE: I made a 30-footer today and that felt pretty good. Yesterday I made a 36-footer on 18. Getting those down pretty good.

But for the most part, just I think that really solidifies staying patient, taking your medicine on certain shots, like not going from certain pins, like on 18. (Indiscernible) Gap wedge in my hand, so hard not to go right at it, but it's not worth it.

Leave yourself 20 feet, try and make the putt, and move on.

Q. What do you think will be a really testing factor the next two days for the course conditions or wind, anything?

RYANN O'TOOLE: You know, I think just going from these two days just kind of been like the quiet groups as far as like there are no cameras on. You sneak in, Oh, I posted a round kind of thing.

I think tomorrow is obviously going to be a bit different, cameras following, and I'll have to make sure I keep myself slowed down and focus on each shot. That's going to be my true test, is not getting ahead or (indiscernible) oriented, or if I start thinking of birdies at the beginning, you're just thinking about one more thing.

You know, I think those that have won a lot are good at controlling that, and I think that's something that as you put yourself into those positions you get better at, so I am going to try to be aware of it early versus I wish/I should've kind of thing.

Q. What's the biggest factor the past couple days that has really made you so consistent this week?

RYANN O'TOOLE: I've known I put in the work definitely on and off the golf course. I showed definitely more off the golf course on my social media than I do on the golf course, but I just like filming workouts versus filming golf swings.

So I just think I have to trust that I've put in the work, trust that I'm mentally in a good place confidence-wise, know that I've set myself up to be where I am today, and going into tomorrow trust in that.

Like I said, I think my biggest challenge is going to have to stay in the moment, and that's what I'm going to try to do best.

Q. Do you think minus 4 is still your goal, or will it keep going lower as you keep beating it and getting better?

RYANN O'TOOLE: Yeah, I think minus 4 was a goal today, but honestly on the golf course it was one shot at a time and it was one of those like, Oh, I shot 4-under again. Huh, weird.

So I think tomorrow, same thing. Just one shot at a time. I went birdie, birdie to start and I could have easily been like maybe 6-under. I'm trying to really just not add it up, not think about where I am. Just literally focus on that shot. I think that's really helping me and I look forward to that.

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