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February 9, 2021

Elise Mertens

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference

E. MERTENS/L. Fernandez

6-1, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You're looking great out there on court, how are you feeling about your early season form?

ELISE MERTENS: Well of course I'm very happy with the title and to continue with a win. I think it wasn't my best match today but I'm happy to pull through it in two sets.

Q. It took you five match points, I believe, to put away your victory this afternoon. What goes through your mind as a player when you're out there doing battle and it takes that many match points to finally pull out the victory?

ELISE MERTENS: Well, I was on serve so I could start with a good serve, get the advantage, but, yeah, I mean she's still young, she's a good player. If you let her play, she's aggressive, she can play aggressive. But, yeah, I think it was just point per point and it's 30-All again couple times but, yeah I'm happy that I could close it out with a serve.

Q. Is it difficult to refocus yourself? You had a great run last week and won a title and then you have one day off and you're back out on court today to start the Australian Open. Is that difficult to adjust to that quick turn around?

ELISE MERTENS: I think well of course you don't have to travel, that makes it easier for the energy. Also the same courts, same conditions, so it's very positive that we can stay in one place.

Yeah, my energy was maybe a bit lower today, I didn't sleep that well, so as a result of the circumstances I think, yeah, it wasn't my best match today but I'm very happy that I pulled through, that I kept on fighting and, yeah, I mean those days you need to, you know, pull yourself through the match.

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