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February 10, 2021

Dominic Thiem

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference

D. THIEM/D. Koepfer

6-4, 6-0, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Do you want to tell us your thoughts on the match.

DOMINIC THIEM: Yeah, in general it was a super good match. Beginning, first of all he was on fire in the beginning. The conditions were I think the hottest day since we were in Australia, so I had to get used to that. Had to overcome some complicated situations.

I think I saved two or three breakpoints in the sixth game, then I broke him after long game to 4-3. After that I played more freely. Especially after the first set, kind of everything started to work. I found a super good timing. I think it got some degrees cooler, which was little bit more comfortable to play.

But in general I'm happy because I beat a very good opponent in three sets.

Q. What is your hope that this tournament can do in the way of sending a message of hope to others by holding the tournament and having fans?

DOMINIC THIEM: First of all, I think it's a good example for the world. Second of all, we're in Australia where the situation with coronavirus is very good because they did a good job. Obviously, as well, because they are an island. It's not so easy to get here. They were shutting down. They brought it under control. That's why we are able to play here. That's why we're also able to play in front of fans, which is unbelievable nice for us. I hope as well for the fans. Also I think it's sending out a nice message on TV.

But at the same time I think that it's way more difficult to make events in Europe, for example, or in the States, where the situation with COVID is not that good under control. So I guess we have to wait little bit more until there is possible with fans again.

Obviously Australia did a good job. It's amazing that we can play like this here.

Q. The courts are faster than last year. Do you prefer these conditions or last year's court?

DOMINIC THIEM: I prefer last year's courts, if I could choose. It's pretty fast, as I said the days before. It's probably one of the fastest Grand Slam tournaments I've played so far. Well, we have to get used to it, yes. But if I have to choose, I would choose the last year's condition.

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