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February 11, 2021

Karolina Pliskova

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference


7-5, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Danielle is a tough opponent. Talk us through the match today.

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: No, I mean, it was tough because we played last week. The match was very close. At least I knew how she's playing little bit.

I don't think was really good quality today. I think I just, you know, played better in some moments, which I didn't last week. Then she was not playing that well as she did last week.

But second set definitely better. Hopefully a better match in the next round.

Q. When you think about this tournament being played, fans being in the stands, what message would you like this all to send to people around the world as far as hope for the future?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: No, I think it's incredible that we finally play with some fans. This is how I remember Australia, Australian Open, with just like some crowds, with a lot of support, with a lot of noise actually.

I think it's looking like really better, even in my country. Hopefully the future is going to be better than it was last year.

Q. Going back to the match last week, you both had played so well in that match. You yourself obviously a few points here and there. Did you come out of that match feeling like your level was where you wanted it to be going into the Australian Open regardless of the result?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: Actually, yes. I was not too disappointed of course that I lost, especially these close matches it's always kind of hard. I think the level was even better than it was today. I knew if I at least maintain little bit, just play at least similar as I was playing last week, I knew it's going to be difficult for her to repeat what she played last week. I think she really played great.

That was about it today. It was more about like staying positive, staying in there. I knew I'm going to have some chances, which I did. Not the best level today from myself, but it is what it is. I think in Grand Slam it's always like one match is better, one is worse. Important is that I'm through.

Q. Looking ahead to play Karolina, do you think it will be a advantage or disadvantage that you both were practice buddies during the quarantine?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: In the end I think it doesn't matter because we have to play each other anyway. I just have to find a way. Of course, we know each other so much. Even if we would not practice those two weeks in quarantine, we practice a lot in Czech. We're actually quite good friends.

I think it's going to be at least like good atmosphere, there is not really the tension that we hate each other. I think it can be good match.

Of course, she's a dangerous player. She can play well. She has a different style. It's going to be very tricky. Last one I lost very close in Wimby, I won here, so let's see.

Q. Between the two of you, who is the more chilled-out person?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: We are both kind of like that. That's very tough. I think still she's going to be more. In the end I try to really take at least sometimes some things seriously in the practice. I mean, it's not like she would not try. I think she's, like, more relaxed definitely than me (smiling).

Q. You talked recently about how tough it's been not to have as many matches as you would like. Is there anything in your preparation or things you tried to adjust to replicate, or is there any way to replicate not having as many matches as you would like?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: No, for now I had a couple already. It's not about like having plenty matches. I was not really hoping for that.

Now since I played little bit, so then it doesn't matter. It's only about finding the little pieces, the little form which I hope is going to get better during the tournament.

I actually played much, much better in the first round. This was like a tough round. Also if you played somebody last week, it's not also the best combination to play in couple days again.

But I think in the practice I'm hitting fine. Yeah, so there's not much what like I would really like to improve, there's also not much time. I would like to feel well, be positive, then I think I can play good tennis here.

Q. In the past have you been able to gauge how well you're doing in practice, to know maybe that form is coming?

KAROLINA PLISKOVA: Well, with me it's always it's not so important how I do in practice. Even if my practice is not so good, I can still play quite okay level in the match. I don't really like want to focus I was practicing amazing so now I'm going to play a match amazing. It's not really like that.

I think is just about to finding the rhythm, just to play what I can play in the practice in the match, which not always is easy. It's not like I would really follow my practice, yeah.

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