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February 13, 2021

Jennifer Brady

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference

J. BRADY/K. Juvan

6-1, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. The scoreline looked pretty routine today, but how did it feel for you?

JENNIFER BRADY: I think sometimes the score doesn't really reflect the toughness of the match. I think I was feeling pretty good in the first set. Then towards the end of the second set, I mean, I was getting a little bit nervous. She started playing a little bit more aggressive, started making me play a little bit more.

I was happy I was able to hold in the 4-3 game to make it 5-3, then finish it out.

Q. I know you've gotten to the round of 16 here before. There are people playing today for whom they've tried many times, trying to get over that hurdle. Is that a function of the opponent you face or is it the opponent within?

JENNIFER BRADY: I think sometimes you're not only battling someone on the other side of the court but also yourself. I mean, some people may find that a hurdle, making the second week of a Grand Slam. Definitely I think everybody wants to make the fourth round and better.

I was also thinking about that a little bit today in my match. Okay, maybe I have a little bit more experience than my opponent. Regardless of how I'm feeling, maybe she's feeling a little bit nervous as well.

Yeah, I think it's always a mental battle out there. Always trying to stay as present as possible.

Q. People who know you describe you universally as laid back. Do you think that helps you in these kind of clutch situations?

JENNIFER BRADY: Yeah, definitely. I'm a pretty relaxed person. Sometimes maybe I could use a little bit more of my off-court personality on court. Sometimes I get a little bit tense and uptight. I think in general I'm pretty easygoing, relaxed. Just try to take each point as is, try to stay in the moment and not really look ahead or behind.

Q. There are two Bruins into the fourth round. What does that mean? A lot of people don't choose that route these days.

JENNIFER BRADY: Yeah, I was just texting with Macky. I'm so proud of him, happy for him that he's made the fourth round here. I think he's also pretty excited for me, as well.

It's nice to have him out there doing well. It's really good to see. He works really hard. Yeah, also promoting college tennis, especially UCLA, the both of us. Both the men's and women's side.

I mean, I think college tennis, it's a tough route. You have to really know why you're going there, what exactly you're going there for. To stay focused on the tennis, you have a lot of distractions. I think if you really want to develop your game, develop also mentally off court, I think if you have your priorities straight, college tennis is a great route.

Q. The pandemic has been tough on college tennis programs. Several have folded. What will be lost if that opportunity shrinks for people?

JENNIFER BRADY: It's never easy to see any program be taken away, especially college tennis. I'm an example of a college tennis player that's now in the pros, doing well, trying to promote it as best as I can.

Hopefully the programs, they find a way to stay. I would hate to see college tennis be lost.

Q. How much of this first week has felt similar to what you went through in New York?

JENNIFER BRADY: I think I'm coming out there, I have a mission, and I'm on the mission. Yeah, I'm playing pretty solid tennis, not really giving away too many free points. I think that's key.

Also I'm serving well, maybe not as well today. I think honestly I won the match basically on second serves, which hopefully I won't be doing that again.

Yeah, she plays well. She's a tough opponent. I'm happy to be through to the fourth round.

Q. Playing Donna, a step up in terms of just level, talk about the challenge.

JENNIFER BRADY: Yeah, I think obviously she's also playing pretty well. She beat Kanepi, who is also a force to be reckoned with when she's playing well. I think that's also a good win for her.

To be playing here in the fourth round, I'm super excited. I think it will be a really good match. I've played her before a couple years back. I think I lost. I'm sure my coach, Michael, will come up with some good tactics and we'll discuss a game plan.

Q. On court you mentioned you had been watching quite a bit of tennis in your off time. Tomorrow, round of 16 in the bottom half features some big ones. As a fan, which match stands out to you?

JENNIFER BRADY: I think all of them would be great matches. I mean, I think -- honestly, I can't pick. I think personally they'll all be great matches. I think Sabalenka and Serena, I'm excited for that. It will be a hard-hitting match, super aggressive tennis. I think that will be a good one.

All three will definitely be great matches.

Q. Sunday being Valentine's Day, the holiday of love, how does love factor in the sport of tennis?

JENNIFER BRADY: Love factor in the sport of tennis? Well, I don't have a Valentine, so I guess that factors into the sport of tennis for me (smiling).

Yeah, I mean, you start at love every single game. Yeah, I don't really know how to answer that question.

Q. How about love for what you're doing, how important is that?

JENNIFER BRADY: Yeah, that's good, that's a good reason (laughter).

Yeah, I mean, I love the game of tennis. I'm a huge fan of the sport. I think there's a lot of good players up-and-coming, a lot of good players to watch. People are starting to enjoy the sport a lot more. There's some big names out there that are promoting the sport pretty well. Hopefully it continues to grow.

Q. What are the odds you are still playing this level tennis at 39 like Serena?

JENNIFER BRADY: Zero (smiling).

Q. What do you admire most about what she's doing?

JENNIFER BRADY: Yeah, to be able to play at this level at her age is admirable. Both her and Venus. Yeah, it's hard to even believe. Also having a baby. Once I have children, I don't think I'll be out here grinding. If I have a family, I'm stepping away from the sport and focusing on my family.

Yeah, to be able to compete at this level, it's a huge achievement.

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