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February 15, 2021

Andrey Rublev

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference


6-2, 7-6, 0-0 (ret.)

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You've just made tennis history because we never had three Russian men in the quarterfinals in a Grand Slam. How proud do you feel about that?

ANDREY RUBLEV: I mean it's not me who made it.

Q. Well you did, yes.

ANDREY RUBLEV: It's also Daniil and Aslan. I mean, I was not thinking about it, but if it's like this and it's amazing. If it's never been before and it's first time in history, then it's always something special. In the end we're the first ones, so we'll see how what's going to be next.

Q. You're obviously a little younger than Daniil. Can you talk about sort of what it was like growing up with him a few years ahead of when you started playing against him, what you may have learned from him and obviously what it's like now going up against him, you're basically his equal.

ANDREY RUBLEV: I mean, at junior level we don't really play much each other. When he was quite good under 14 I was playing under 12, I think. In the end under 18 he wasn't that on a high level on ITF, I think maybe he was top 20 or something and I think he finished quite earlier to play ITF. So we never play under 18 each other.

Then also with the ATP I think he was, me and Karen were, in the beginning, we were much higher than him. Then after the year 2018 or something he start I think, I don't remember when he become top 100. I think maybe in the beginning of 2018 or something like that. And then, or he did first final in the beginning of 2019, and then since then he start to play really good, really good, and then he did his breakthrough in 2019, like he become top 10, and then now he's one of the best players. And we play each other only when we were maybe under 10, something like that, couple of tournaments in Russia. But that's it. So whenever -- I've been quite, I've been few times with him in national teams, under 16, me Karen and him. And that's it.

Q. Have you learned anything from him in terms of watching his game?

ANDREY RUBLEV: No, I mean, because -- I mean, I would say I'm learning more now because when I was junior I was quite good and active. I finished the year No. 1, so for that moment I was looking about myself, so I was not really focused on Daniil or Karen or some of them. It's not -- I start to learn more now because now he's one of the best players and we are playing each other, we're practicing with each other, so, and then now I'm starting to learn.

Q. Can you say what you learned?

ANDREY RUBLEV: In general, the way he's playing. I mean, he's really great. He really, he really read the game really well and it's amazing the patience he have to stay so long in the rallies, to don't rush, to take the time, and these things are amazing because in the end these little details, they make him who he is.

Q. You always tell that fun story from when you and Daniil were young and you were lobbing back and forth and all of that. What's your message -- and Karen as well, but you three making the quarterfinals? What's your message to those young Russian kids who are dreaming of being where you are today?

ANDREY RUBLEV: I mean, in my case, I mean, I would say it's just to be more simple, to love your sport, to give your best every day and in the end just to be a better person because it's also going to help you in a sport way and that's it. Try to be with a big heart and great person, give your best, and it's going to help.

Q. Did you believe -- I mean, of course when you're little you dream of reaching it, reaching this stage in a tennis career. Did you believe right from a young age that you and some of your friends would make it?

ANDREY RUBLEV: When I was a kid I was not thinking if my friends or someone will make it or not. I was thinking about me. In my case, in my head, I had clear idea that, yes, I want to play tennis, I want to play at the best level, and I didn't have like a plan B in case if I'm not that good in tennis what I'm going to do. I was clear in my head that this is the way. This is what I want to be. And in my head, there was no, like no, no, like it's not going to work, there was no this, you know. It was only yes or yes, I want to be there, and that's it.

So I wasn't really thinking like no, I hope me and other players also is going to be there. I don't think that the players think like that because in the end to become a pro sportsman you need to go long, long way and there's no guarantee that you will make it. Even if you will work hard and you will give your best, there's no guarantee. So in the end, I think everybody's thinking about them.

Q. You played against Daniil in the last US Open. Will you use that match to prepare this match?

ANDREY RUBLEV: Not much is already, it's the past. I mean, I take a lesson from that match, let's put it this way. But now it's going to be new story, new match, we'll see how it's going to be. But I take the lesson from that match, so, and that's it. And the way I'm going to play tomorrow, I mean, we will see -- I mean, not tomorrow, after tomorrow on Wednesday, we'll see how it's going to be, we'll see how I will feel, we'll see how Daniil will feel because we need to face each other to understand the situation how it's going to be. Of course he knows my game, I know his game, but in the end you still need to face in the beginning each other to see the reality, to see the atmosphere, to see how the things are working or not working, how you're feeling, and then you adapt.

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