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February 14, 2021

Russell Knox

Pebble Beach, California, USA

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. (No microphone.)

RUSSELL KNOX: Hit a nice tee ball there and had an 8-iron. I just was getting comfortable a little. I guess I put the club down, moved up, a little waggle, come down and the ball just creeped a little bit, and then obviously I was deemed to have addressed it. And even after I kind of walked away, the ball still moved a little further, like 30 seconds later, which was weird. It's just on of those horrible rules which every one of us is against. There's no advantage gained in any way, and it happened to Maverick yesterday, my playing partner, so it's just, it's one of those kind of horrible rules that got me on the first hole.

Q. At what point did you, were you a made aware that the rules officials were going to come talk to you about what had happened?

RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, sadly it was like the worst timing ever, probably, because I birdied 2 and birdied 3 and it was flying and I hit it close on 4, full horseshoe from 3 feet, and then I hit it in the worst spot ever on No. 5. Then I got told walking up there.

So it was, I mean, really I kind of went from 3-under to even in about 30 seconds, so it was, that was tough.

Q. Let's talk about what good happened out there. You came back, you made birdie on the par-5 sixth, which I thought showed a lot of guts. How hard was it to go forward, and then you finished with a pair of birdies as well. So you finished strong.

RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, it was a strange day. I kind of knew it would be. I haven't been probably in this position in a big event like this in a while. It was difficult, I mean, with Patrick and Daniel, I mean, the pace was very slow. I never got in a rhythm. I struggled with that a little bit. I definitely didn't have -- yesterday I played unbelievable. Today I was okay, but I knew that it was going to be a tough day and, with the conditions and being a Sunday.

But I battled away and delighted to finish birdie, birdie. I mean, obviously that's going to help out a lot. So, but, no, I'm super happy the way I played. Obviously kind of a few weird things happened today so obviously it wasn't my day. But my game is in good shape and I look forward to the future.

Q. Just go over the situation, what happened on 1, and then the ensuing conversation that happened coming down 5.

RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I wanted to tee my ball up in the fairway to gain an advantage but sadly I got caught, which sucked. But, no, I mean, (laughing) horrible. I mean, I was putting my club behind the ball and moved up, gave it a little waggle, and I was like, I turned back to the ball and I saw it move. And at first, the ruling was that I didn't cause it to move, because it was such a gray area there, and ultimately we got it right and I did address the ball. I should have been penalized. Obviously it's a rule which I wish they would eliminate because obviously it happened to Maverick McNealy yesterday, no advantage, and me, obviously, no advantage today and we get penalized for it.

So it's just one of those things that it just kind of got me on edge all day, to be honest, starting that way. On No. 5 I got told they looked at it and I had to add a shot and right after a full horseshoe and a downhill dead bunker shot. So it was like a triple whammy on No. 5. But I mean, it's one of those things. I mean, you got to take it on the chin. I battled away after that and proud of my finish.

Q. Overall, though, the week was a solid week for you I'm guessing?

RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, to be honest, I hit the ball unbelievable. Maybe at times today I was a little sketchy, but it's Sunday, it's tough, but the first three days is the best I've hit the ball in many years, so that's comforting. I mean, the putter was fine too. So it's only positives this week.

Q. What did you think of that new tee on 10? A lot of history with that. They tried it out and it's kind of -- it makes the hole much different.

RUSSELL KNOX: I like it. Obviously it's a lot easier. I hit a 5-wood and a sand wedge. It's a shame it's just not a little closer and, I mean, maybe if it was firm and a lot more downwind then you can actually maybe drive the green, but the risk/reward, it's not like there's too much risk, I mean you got about 400 yards left of the water to hit it. But no, it was a cool tee. I thought the TOUR did a great job this week at changing up the tees so a lot of different options. So, yeah, I; loved the tee.

Q. Did you make birdie or par?

RUSSELL KNOX: I cozied a little 2-putt par.

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