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February 13, 2021

Jason Day

Pebble Beach, California, USA

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you describe the round out there today?

JASON DAY: It was pretty solid. My putting was something that saved me out there a few times. It would have been nice to convert 14 and 18, get those birdies, try and get at least to 12.

But overall it was a tough day, it was blowing 15 to 20, sometimes a little bit more, the greens are soft so sometimes you're hitting 30 off a club and try and just chip it in there so it wouldn't spin.

I think overall it was nice, we had some, it was soft conditions earlier and then obviously with the wind I think that should start to dry things out a little bit.

Q. How would you describe these three days? You only made four bogeys all week.

JASON DAY: I've just been working really hard on my short game, working really hard on my putting. Typically I do make bogeys, I'm not one of those guys that could go around and put consecutive no bogey rounds together. I've always kind of made a lot of birdies and mixed that in with a couple mistakes. So to be able to have four bogeys until here is nice.

I just was just trying to get myself somewhat close to the lead and I know that Daniel and Jordan are coming in behind us and they're right around the lead right now, if not Daniel is leading.

So we got one more day to go, it's going to be interesting, I think the winds aren't going to be as strong tomorrow, which is nice. With the way that the TOUR setup the golf course today I feel it was quite fair and actually a lot of fun to play. So it will be interesting how they set up tomorrow.

Q. What's your biggest key for tomorrow's round?

JASON DAY: I just got to hit my irons better, just plain and simple, I just haven't hit my irons as well as I had the last previous couple weeks. So if I can do that and keep the putter going then I might give myself a shot. I feel good about the game, I just got to give myself more opportunities.

Q. Does it feel good being in contention going into Sunday?

JASON DAY: It's always nice to be in contention especially on any given Sunday. I've had good experiences here in the past, I've had good finishes, tomorrow's going to be a great day weather-wise.

I just enjoy walking the golf course here, it's beautiful from the first tee to the last and I just got to keep my head down and move forward.

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