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August 31, 2004

Venus Williams


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Venus.

Q. Was it a difficult match because it was pushed back so late?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah. I certainly didn't expect to play that late. But, you know, at least it wasn't raining, so...

Q. How did you feel?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Felt good. Felt good. Yeah, felt good.

Q. Looked good.


Q. Can you describe your favorite vacation that you've taken?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't go on vacation.

Q. Somewhere for traveling.

VENUS WILLIAMS: No, because like when I'm finished going to tournaments, I go home.

Q. When you've gone to a tournament, what has been your favorite place?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Favorite place... I like all places. I mean, I'd -- I don't want to discriminate. Each and every place has a special memory for me. It would be hard to say most certainly.

Q. Venus, Serena created something of a commotion last night with her outfit. What did you think of it?

VENUS WILLIAMS: It's cool. It's cool.

Q. Something you wouldn't wear, though?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I tried it on. I tried it on, just the skirt. But my legs were so long, and the skirt was so short on me. But it looked cute. We do try each other's clothes on.

Q. What do you think about your current ranking right now going into tournaments?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I'd like it to be better, most certainly. But it's just it puts in light the circumstances that I've had this year, just the challenges that I've had physically.

Q. Is it a big motivator for you?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Sometimes also it's hard to compete with the girls in front of you that play tons of events. I traditionally don't play too many. Also the ones that I do play, I always get a good result. Since my results haven't been exactly what I've wanted this year... But, you know, considering, it's not so bad.

Q. When you and other players don't play well on the court, what exactly is happening? Sometimes players look off. What goes through your mind? You kind of forget some of the things?

VENUS WILLIAMS: So many things.

Q. You wonder, "Why isn't she doing this?"

VENUS WILLIAMS: Right, it's like my dad always said he's never lost a match from the stands, so... Basically, when you're doing things wrong, you try to find the solution. Some days there's no solution. You just have to fight it out.

Q. Then when you look at it afterwards, do you say, "I see what I was doing wrong"?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, it's great to be able to look at it afterwards.

Q. You spend time looking at the matches?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, it's definitely part of my training is to look at films, definitely analyze myself, what I've done.

Q. Would volleying be more of a solution for you sometimes?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I do come in. I've made a definite effort to come in. But today's points were short. And I felt that I did get some short balls, but a lot of her balls were deep. And she hits it quite flat, so they were low also. But the points weren't very long in general, so either she missed or I hit a winner or I missed. We didn't really get involved in the long points where you do eventually get a short ball.

Q. But generally you feel like you do make an effort to get in?

VENUS WILLIAMS: No, not generally. But these days, yes. I think I also understand how to come in. Like back in the day, I'd come in, not really understand my positioning, where I should be, where I should be standing or what I should expect from my opponent. It's just starting to come to me.

Q. What would you have to do to consider this tournament a success?

VENUS WILLIAMS: What would I have to do? Win the second round. No, it's most vital not to think ahead too far, to be honest. What I need to focus on for me right now is this second round. So I'm not really thinking ahead too far.

Q. You're in kind of a dead period as far as Reebok, where you are. I know you're talking. Have you ever thought about kind of being free instead of just wearing Reebok during the tournament now?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't discuss, you know, anything like that in press conferences. I'm sorry.

Q. There are a few more months left for this year. What's the plan for the rest of this year and next year?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm going to play a few events in the fall in Europe and play The Championships. I don't know where I am on that, if I qualify. I'm not sure.

Q. Are you looking to play more events? Are you looking to rest up?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm going to play about four events. But right now I feel good, I feel healthy.

Q. What's been one of your worst moments on the road while traveling?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, losing my passport. Done that twice.

Q. Where did that happen?

VENUS WILLIAMS: In Australia and once in Italy.

Q. What did you do?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Got through it. I did whatever, you know, the tourists do. You go to your embassy, that kind of thing. Once I had a copy. So I travel with a copy. But, you know, got through.

End of FastScripts….

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