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February 13, 2021

Tom Hoge

Pebble Beach, California, USA

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. (No Microphone.)

TOM HOGE: I was expecting that wind to come up there as we got going, so I was just trying to make as many birdie as I could early. I knew that we made that stretch turn about 8 and then turned 11 back into the wind it was going to be pretty tough coming in.

Q. Was that the focus then, get off to that quick start knowing that things were going to get tough when the wind turned 12 and in?

TOM HOGE: I was really just trying to take advantage of every shot that I had out there. It was pretty calm off the bat, which was unexpected today with the forecast we had. So you know you can make some birdies get here at Pebble in those first six holes.

Q. What's your mindset heading into tomorrow? Is there one key that you're going to have as you go into the final round?

TOM HOGE: Not a lot. For me I really struggled the last few weeks as we have got going here, missed the cut for the first four events, so I'm just trying to hit good golf shots and kind of add it up when we get done.

Q. Has it been something that's been going better this week than the previous four weeks?

TOM HOGE: I switched putters the start of the week, I feel like I've been holing a lot of those four to eight foot putts that you need to make around here. Feel pretty comfortable. The back nine I was out of position a lot but felt pretty calm still that I could get it up around there, have a good putt to save par.

Q. You put yourself in these positions before, what have you maybe learned in the past that might help you tomorrow?

TOM HOGE: I think that more than anything just feel more comfortable, you feel a little bit more calm and it's a battle out there. I think that we're supposed to have some wind again tomorrow, so it's going to be another tough day so try and focus on each shot and hit a good one and add it up when we get done.

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