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February 13, 2021

Patrick Cantlay

Pebble Beach, California, USA

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. Tough day out there, obviously with the conditions. You actually hit the ball better than you did on Thursday but struggled with the putting. What was the issue with the putting today?

PATRICK CANTLAY: I wouldn't say I hit it necessarily better than I did on Thursday. But it's hard to make putts out there. The greens are bumpy and it's blowing, 15, 20 miles an hour. I felt like I hit some good putts that didn't go in, but that's kind of this golf course. So I'm right there in good position for tomorrow.

Q. How big of a challenge and how tough were the conditions today?

PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, it's definitely hard to get the ball close, just with the wind blowing as hard as it is, it's hard to hit it exactly the right number. Also you have to gauge the spin back, just because the greens are so soft and the balls ripping back with almost every club. So it's a little hard to get it close, but I played the par-5s really well today and I think that will be key come the final round tomorrow.

Q. The eagle at 2 and I think the up-and-down there at 18 from a tough lie really put you in great position. Anything you're going to work on in preparation for tomorrow?

PATRICK CANTLAY: Nothing different than the last few days. I'll hit a couple putts and my game's in a really good spot come tomorrow, so I'm feeling good about it.

Q. How would you assess your day?

PATRICK CANTLAY: It wasn't bad. I hit the ball really well and the course was playing difficult. I don't think you were going to get too low of a score out there. I could have played, I could have shot a few lower, I had some putts that I could have made.

I felt like I, again, hit some decent putts, they just didn't really go in, especially at the beginning. It was just hard to kind of get the right speed. The ball's bumping a little bit and with the wind blowing, so I'll work on that a little bit before tomorrow.

Q. Is that kind of your biggest focus, just the putting going into tomorrow or is there something else you would like to key on to hopefully take home another trophy tomorrow?

PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, I'll just work on some speed a little bit and then -- I'm sure the greens will be maybe a slight bit faster tomorrow and they will probably be a little smoother, just because it probably won't rain tomorrow.

So, like I said, I think my game's in a good spot and I'm hitting it really well and I just have to give myself a bunch of opportunities and roll it where I'm looking.

Q. When it's bumpy like that on the short ones do you try to hit them harder or softer?

PATRICK CANTLAY: Not really, I try to carry a similar amount of speed, a foot, 18 inches by, especially on the uphill putts. Maybe on the downhill ones, 12, 18 inches by is about right. When it's bumpy you just don't want to leave yourself three, four, five feet today and I did that a few times and I wasn't able to make a couple putts that I usually do.

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