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February 13, 2021

Daniel Berger

Pebble Beach, California, USA

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. (No Microphone.)

DANIEL BERGER: I actually played pretty good. Obviously finished with a double, but I'm still two shots out of the lead, so I feel pretty good about my chances going into tomorrow and drop a few more putts and it will be a good week.

Q. One bad swing in an overall pretty good day?

DANIEL BERGER: Yeah, like I said, I hit a bunch of really good golf shots today. It was really tough, it was blowing 15, 20 all day and a bunch of putts that just barely missed.

I mean, it's a hard day when it blows at Pebble. So overall I'm pretty happy. Obviously would like that swing back on the last hole, but I'm not going to let it ruin my week, for sure.

Q. I think you're the first guy since 2005 to drive the 4th green.

DANIEL BERGER: I didn't know that. I didn't even know if I could get to the green. But it was, when they moved the tee up I was like I'm not doing anything other than hitting driver. So, I mean, it was nice to get that nice big bounce up there and make the putt. One of the few good things to happen to me today.

Q. What do you expect tomorrow with the conditions and also with Jordan, you're good friends, talk about playing with him.

DANIEL BERGER: I haven't looked at the forecast so I don't know if it's expected to blow like this. I hope it does blow like this. I think it will be more challenging for everyone if it does.

But I mean, Jordan's going to have to play well because there's a lot of guys right there, so, regardless, it's not going to be handed to him, he's going to have to shoot a good score.

Q. I know you're focused on your game, but what makes him -- he's struggling a lot today on the back nine, then he holes out at 16. Seems like he comes up with these crazy shots.

DANIEL BERGER: That's what makes him special right there. He's a great player and I think there's many more wins in his career going forward.

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