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February 12, 2021

Tom Lewis

Pebble Beach, California, USA

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you assess your round today?

TOM LEWIS: I scored better than I played out there today. I struggled a little bit off the tee, it was completely different. Yesterday I played really well at Pebble and scored well and today I got away with it a little bit there. But I think the rain didn't help, it's much softer greens, pins in the back a lot of times so there's a lot of shots you just can't really hit close.

Q. When you kind of say you kind of scored better than you played, like when you're kind of playing like that and kind of, what kind of mentality do you have? You're kind of not getting away with it, but kind of finding one?

TOM LEWIS: I think for me a lot of it was I haven't played consistent enough golf recently, there's been a lot of missed cuts and play well and then sort of in the middle.

So for me it was a lot about -- today I was proud that I was able to score, the way I played, because it was very easy to 3-putt out there, miss it in the wrong spot, get unlucky. So it is what it is and I've had a great time, this is my first time here, so these courses are brilliant.

Q. What's been maybe -- you talk about inconsistent play -- what's been kind of the one thing that's held you back from playing well on a more consistent basis?

TOM LEWIS: Confidence is, obviously when your confidence is a little bit low it's easy to get down on yourself. I've obviously focused a lot on my results and I think I need to focus more on myself and the routines. I know it sounds a bit cliche but routines and getting in the rhythm and trying to build some conditions.

But my all-around game is pretty solid. There isn't really a weakness there at the moment, it's just a matter of believing a little bit more.

Q. Are you still going to play both on the European Tour and the PGA TOUR?

TOM LEWIS: It's difficult, it's difficult out here. I'm not at that stage yet in my career where I feel confident I can only play a few events in Europe. So I think it would be nice for me to be over here more, so I think I'm going to focus a lot more now here over the next few months and if I can tie down my playing rights for next season it frees me up to go back to Europe a little bit more.

But we just don't know with the way that the coronavirus is and stuff and the countries and tournaments are going to be cancelled or not cancelled. So at the moment I'm pleased to be here and playing well this week definitely made that decision a lot easier.

Q. Do you have a home base here in the United States?

TOM LEWIS: I base myself a lot in Miami and Palm Beach, but, no, home is home. England is England.

Q. Are you starting to feel a little more comfortable with playing on the PGA TOUR golf courses and getting used to them on week-to-week basis?

TOM LEWIS: It is a lot about getting used to things and obviously I kind of know how these tournaments are run now and I kind of know what to expect. I think things that don't play into my hands is I haven't played these courses before. So there are things that I just, that's just fact and I just got to deal with that and, like I say, I'm just lucky to be here and I don't want to let this opportunity slip and I need to work hard to get where I need to get to and we'll just see where it plays out.

Q. Biggest key for you heading into the weekend would be?

TOM LEWIS: That's a difficult one. I think for me it's just trying to get, trying to commit to shots. I don't mind making mistakes, I don't mind making bogeys or doubles if I committed to every single shot. But I think if I'm out there and I'm doubting myself or I don't want to hit a bad shot and I'm trying to fear what I don't want, then I think that's going to be difficult to kind of build from. But I'm in the process of dealing with that.

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