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February 11, 2021

Will Gordon

Pebble Beach, California, USA

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you describe your round today?

WILL GORDON: Yeah, I think I got the ball in play really nicely off the tee and the greens are pretty soft so I gave myself a lot of scoring opportunities today and putted the ball pretty well.

Q. Was putting the ball in the fairway kind of the main key out here? Obviously if you get off the fairways here a little bit, you can get in some trouble.

WILL GORDON: Yeah, no doubt. I think with how soft the greens are right now, and I had a lot of scoring, I had a lot of little 9- and 8-irons and I controlled my spin pretty well today out of the fairway so that allowed me to get a lot of nice uphill looks.

Q. The four birdies on your back nine today. Did something click around the turn?

WILL GORDON: I had, I lipped out two or three times on the front nine. I didn't really do anything different. I hit a really nice 3-iron in on 11 that kind of gave me a little 2-putt birdie to get the nine started. Made a nice 20-footer on 12 and then hit it to a foot on 13. So that was a nice little run. But, yeah, I think just kind of gave myself consistent opportunities.

Q. You're starting to kind of finding your footing out here on the PGA TOUR a little bit, getting a little more confident, a little more comfortable with how professional golf life is.

WILL GORDON: Yeah, I think that's been the biggest challenge for me is navigating that exactly. So that's something I'm learning every week and trying to gain experience and just trying to get my foothold out here.

Q. Is there like one piece of advice that a player's given you that you've kind of taken hold of and said that this is the kind of piece of advice I need?

WILL GORDON: Yeah, I think, I was playing nine holes with Bo Van Pelt in La Quinta and just hit a little squeeze cut out there and kind of mis-hit it, and he said, If that's your miss for the next 20 years you're in good shape. So I think just accepting it's not going to be perfect all the time. We play so much golf, so just continue to get better every day.

Q. Spyglass is normally the hardest of the golf courses here in the pro-am. How good is it to get off to a good start, 6-under par today, knowing you got Pebble tomorrow maybe a place that you can attack a little bit more?

WILL GORDON: I think these two golf courses are pretty weather-dependent and today we had a calm day so I knew either course today you could probably get a good round going. So I'm looking forward to tomorrow and see what tomorrow holds. A lot of golf left.

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