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February 2, 2021

Nick Kyrgios

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference

N. KYRGIOS/A. Muller

3-6, 6-4, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Nick, how did it feel to be back on court after so long?

NICK KYRGIOS: It was a strange one, to be out there again playing a competitive match. Just the scoring system seemed a bit weird. I was playing a lot of points out of the hand in my training block and just to get out there and kind of get back with the scoring system. Obviously playing with no crowd would have been strange for me. I'm very lucky that there was a lot of crowd there today.

But yeah, it was actually a lot of fun. It was fun to be out there again, and obviously good to win, but I had a couple injuries coming through this last year. Actually more so than I would playing. So I just wanted to see what my body would do, and it actually did pretty well.

Q. Taking nothing from the way he played, how much of it was the fact that you were getting back into rhythm with that first set, also not knowing anything about him as you said the other day?

NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, when I lost the first set I never really panicked. I was actually just still finding my feet honestly. I actually thought I was serving reasonably well. I wasn't serving anywhere near my best. I wasn't playing anywhere near my best. But I thought my attitude was okay. I kept that pretty calm.

After the first set I could have panicked and been a bit like -- because I know what would have happened. If I lost that, maybe it would have blown up everything. So I'm actually happy the way I dealt with it and I just drew from experience. I was nice to myself. I was like, Look, you lost a set, your first set back and you're playing a guy who has nothing to lose really. He came out swinging. He actually played all right. I actually think that he would have beaten a fair few guys in the draw today. But yeah, just all around just believed, really.

Q. When you called the physio out in the stretch of the third, what's the problem with the leg? Is it just above the knee area?

NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, I mean, I called it at the end of the set. I didn't want to break his rhythm at all. Just a bit of hot cream, really, just like warm it up a bit, it gets a bit stiff at times. I've had knee problems a lot, but nothing too major. Just wanted to get some hot cream and that was it.

Q. Have you been following the progress of everyone else?

NICK KYRGIOS: Mainly the guys I'm really good mates with. I know obviously that Bolty had tough one against Kokk yesterday, that was always going to be an interesting one. Really happy that Jordan got through. We were training together and I'm just really happy for us to get a win first match of the year. You know, it can do wonders for a player like Jordan who needs a bit of confidence, but I'm super proud that he got through.

Obviously all these other Aussies, they're capable. They just need to believe in themselves. I think we've got such a big crop of players now, especially about five or six of us at the top that they've just got to draw from it, like they can do it as well, they're good players. I know, I've played with them, I've hit with them, I've seen them play. They're all capable. They just need to believe in themselves.

Q. Bourch, what are your thoughts on that match?

NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, Bourch. We used to be really close, me and Bourch. I guess we still are. I think we just grew apart due to his schedule and my schedule being completely different. I saw him today for the first time in like a year and a half and it was a bit awkward. But I was like, right away, we're basically brothers, I need a bit more than that. I'm not even thinking about that right now. He's a good player, big serve, and we know each other back to front. We practiced together a lot in Canberra.

I'm just relieved it's not someone that I don't know again, and Bourch, it's going to be a lot of fun. I'm just going to go out there, have a bit of fun, and yeah.

Q. Why do you say it was a bit awkward?

NICK KYRGIOS: Oh, like because he hadn't seen me in so long. I was like, dude - he called me Nick and none of my good mates call me Nick, and I was like, what are you doing right now. And then I go up to him and I gave him a hug and stuff, and I was like, I know I could potentially play you but I'm not like that, you know.

Q. Your good mates don't call you Nick?

NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, my good mates don't really call me Nick, no. They call me Kygs, K-y-g-s.

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