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February 3, 2021

Max Mirnyi

Kei Nishikori

Yoshihito Nishioka

Ben McLachlan

Toshihide Matsui

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Team Japan

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Max, you came up against strong opponents. Sum up the tie for us.

MAX MIRNYI: Well, we definitely have to give the credit to the Russian team. Both Daniil and Andrey played a very high level of tennis. Throughout the whole match, I felt that we had a few chances in both matches, but yet again, they came up with the solution and closed us off.

I'm proud of our boys the way they handled the situation. They maximized what they could today, and the Russian singles players were better. Despite the fact that we were down 2-0, we still have good spirits, and our doubles team showed some good quality tennis, and I hope for those fans that stayed it was entertaining.

Q. What is the reason of choosing Yoshi for doubles?

MAX MIRNYI: We just felt this was the best opportunity given today that we had to win the match. And I spoke to all the guys prior to this decision, and this is what we have come up with. Worked out to be the right decision.

So we are happy with the way -- especially for Yoshi, having lost the match, and it was not an easy one to accept. He was strong, bounced off, had a little food, shower, was back out ready and played probably the best I have seen him play doubles. So it was a good performance.

Q. Things like you gave some advices to the doubles players between the first and second set and also changeover. So what kind of advices did you give to them?

MAX MIRNYI: Not really. I mean, there isn't anything I said. You know, those guys came out to solve problems. I was there just trying to keep them positive, and keep the energy up because it's late at night, and being down 2-0 it's not easy.

So that was my main goal is to keep their spirits up and have them open to look for different opportunities. They have come up with the best shots under pressure. So it was good to see that the end of the tiebreaker, you know, either team could have won, but the luck was on our side today.

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