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January 24, 2021

Tyrrell Hatton

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Your fourth win in 20 starts, your fourth in a Rolex Series Event and new record overtaking Jon Rahm. Beating a world-class field, give us your reflections on the day?

TYRRELL HATTON: Yes, thrilled to be honest. Even knocking the putt in on 18 doesn't seem like I've won the tournament. Obviously it's amazing. I've always loved starting my season here in Abu Dhabi, and to now add my name on that trophy with so many great champions before me is a huge honour.

Q. One behind at the start of the round, two behind early on, and there are always key shots and turning points. What were they today for you?

TYRRELL HATTON: I think the big moment for me today was the putt on 10. Maybe that was going eight feet past and just hit the hole. That's huge.

Then my tee shot on 11, that's pitched on the side of the bunker and it's come out. It could have -- we've seen plugged lies in the lip this week, so that was another bit of good fortune. So I think that was a big turning point of the day for me.

Q. With people McIlroy and Fleetwood chasing you, what were you thinking down the stretch?

TYRRELL HATTON: Exactly. There's so much that can happen in golf and obviously the last three holes are playing pretty tough. The tee shot on 17 and tee shot on 18 into off the left, which for someone that fades the ball isn't a nice wind.

Yeah, I'm just happy that the one on 17 was in the fairway and happy that I managed to get over the line in the end.

Q. You looked so cool, so calm all day long. What was going on inside?

TYRRELL HATTON: I'll be interested to see my WHOOP numbers. I'll post it later. I imagine I burnt a few calories, so I can have a few beers tonight.

Q. What does a win this early in the season do for you going forward?

TYRRELL HATTON: It's massive. I mean, Ryder Cup points started again. That's a huge goal for me this year to make that team. I'm absolutely delighted that I've managed to pick up a load of points this week, and now I'll enjoy tonight and then my attention will turn to next week.

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