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March 31, 2000

John Huston


JOHN HUSTON: Got off to a really good start. The thing that I did today was I putted extremely well and I -- I left myself some tough shots but when I had a tough shot I hit a good shot and kind of kept the round going.

Q. What do you feel about kind of just contending in a weekend before a major and kind of how does that carry over and what do you look for in that respect?

JOHN HUSTON: Well, I really have no thoughts about next week right now. I am totally concerned with this week. I don't think you can look past any tournaments, certainly this tournament is just as big to me as anything else and right now it is first and foremost on my mind.

Q. How has the year gone so far?

JOHN HUSTON: I got off to a good start, was playing really well with the West Coast early and then after the first I played pretty good the first couple of days at Doral and from then on 'til this week I did not play very well. A lot of that had to do with the course conditions and stuff. I think this course lends -- there is a little more room off the tee. If you miss the fairway you still got a pretty good lie, as long as you are inside the tree line, and I think this course is more -- like most of the trouble and stuff is around the greens. I think that I am hitting my irons pretty well and I think that that is sort of the reason why I have -- seems like I have played better -- a little bit better this week.

Q. 18?

JOHN HUSTON: I think it makes for an exciting finishing hole. I think that it is just such a strange angle of the hole and I think that the slope of the fairway out there makes it -- I mean, it makes it a difficult shot. But if it was flat out there, it would be a really easy shot. So I -- personally I don't have any problem with that hole. There is plenty of room to lay up if you don't hit -- if you don't want to go for it and it is not impossible out of the back bunker, so I think it makes for a good finish.

Q. (inaudible) did you have to lay up a lot? You are a long hitter so I mean you are coming --

JOHN HUSTON: I don't know if there is another tee back there. I don't know if I have ever played it.

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