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January 16, 2021

Keith Mitchell

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Waialae Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. You were 1-over starting yesterday and now in the mix.

KEITH MITCHELL: Definitely turned it around. It's been fun to see some good scores go out there. I think one point I was 3-over in the first round, so to be where I'm sitting right now, it's pretty cool.

Q. What makes it more comfortable for you, these greens or staying with all the guys this week? What's putting you in a better frame? I know both offer a lot of familiarity for you.

KEITH MITCHELL: It's probably equal. It's been fun staying with all the Georgia boys in a house this week. We've been cooking every night and just having a good time. I've always been used to bermuda greens and fortunately I found my stroke the last two days.

Q. 62, 63 and yet neither one of those get those low Medalist by yourself out there; it's been a lot of fun draft out there, hasn't it?

KEITH MITCHELL: It is. It's real easy to get some MoJo when your group is playing well. Felt like a battle between the two of us each day. When you have it in a group you take it for granted but it really helped a lot.

Q. Going out earlier tomorrow, what do you think it's going to take for you?

KEITH MITCHELL: I'd say another one. I really think I might have to take another one.

Q. Are you where you would be when you finished your round --

KEITH MITCHELL: I would say it was to do exactly what I did yesterday and that's try and make as many birdies as I could and fortunately I did that. Struggled coming down the stretch on 16, 17, 18, but never going to complain about and looking forward to having a chance tomorrow.

Q. Two days in a row where you have a pair of 62-ishes in the group. What's that like?

KEITH MITCHELL: It's great because when there's good, positive energy, you just feed off of it. It's rare to have that. Just to have that ability to kind of, I wouldn't call it a battle but just kind of feed off each other, it's very nice out there.

Q. What were you trying to do with your tee shot on 16? Did you just pull it?

KEITH MITCHELL: Yes. I was just trying to hit a little draw and run it under that tree and I just kind of came over it a little bit, and unfortunately hit some cart path or tree I think and went begins the fence. So I had to take an unplayable and fortunately had a good line to the green and was able to two-putt for bogey.

Q. How important do you think the putt was -- of all the birdies you made -- was 17 the most important?

KEITH MITCHELL: Absolutely. I was quite a aggressive on that putt. I really wanted to try to make it and it caught that high edge and went in. I felt like I took the right club on 17. I pulled it just a little bit. It's just a really hard hole. Had a funky lie in the bunker and hit a pretty good shot. To make that putt after the bogey on 16 really is a game changer in terms of tee times and just having a chance tomorrow.

Q. The 7th hole --

KEITH MITCHELL: I would like to do it on the full shots, too. I'm working on that. Pete and I are actually going to go to the range and get it done. I've changed everything about my putting and it's fortunately worked.

Q. Debunking the theory you can't follow a low number with another low number, 62 yesterday, 63 today. What has clicked the last two days?

KEITH MITCHELL: Definitely my putting. I changed a lot in terms of just -- really changed probably everything about my putting. I putted horrible -- just trying to get over my putts and take one look and hit it. I was trying too hard, trying to be perfect. I love bermuda greens, so just going back to my old feels and trusting them.

I literally try to do nothing over a putt, take care of zero and do nothing and fortunately it's been working a lot better than trying as hard as I can.

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