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January 16, 2021

Russell Henley

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Waialae Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Happy with your round out there today?

RUSSELL HENLEY: I hit it better today. Still hit a couple terrible shots. But I feel good with the putter. I feel like I hit a lot of greens. Had something really weird happen on 10. Hit it in a divot and I just miss-played it and had a poor swing. Tough hole to make bogey on but I'm really happy with how I finished.

Q. Feel good about knowing that you haven't played your best and you're still right there?

RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, I've been playing pretty steady. Chris played really well today. It just looked like really easy golf for him down the middle off the green, make a few putts, and I'd like to have one of those rounds tomorrow where it's a little less stress. But I had a nice finish. Chipped in for eagle and that's any round, makes that feel better.

Q. Are the good vibes still there from eight years ago that you can fall back on?

RUSSELL HENLEY: I would say I'm way less cocky now than I was then but I feel better about my game. I feel like my game is a little more consistent. But yeah, I just want to go out there and give myself a ton of birdie looks and hopefully roll a few in and get off to a good start.

Q. Biggest key for you tomorrow, is?

RUSSELL HENLEY: Just pay attention to my game and keep attacking. I don't know what the weather is going to be tomorrow. I assume there's going to be low wind again. With low wind and really nice greens like this, you're going to see low scores. So stay patient but keep attacking.

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