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January 11, 2021

Christian Barmore

Miami, Florida, USA

Hard Rock Stadium

Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama 52, Ohio State 24

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by the most outstanding defensive player of the game, Christian Barmore. We'll go right to questions.

Q. Christian, Mac talked about it, Nick talked about this team's place in history, all the adversity you had to overcome. Was there a sense of this team playing for history coming in tonight?

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: They a real good defense, real good defensive team. I had to play a really good game. Mac did a really good job. We all played really well today. Doesn't really matter about the hurdles, but he played how he wanted to play. I'm glad he did.

The defense was really good from Ohio State. They was a really good team.

Q. What did you love about this team?

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: My team? Well, we all brothers. We all fight together. We practice hard together. Like, we just do everything together. It's just like nobody have a strong relationship like we have for our whole team.

Like, we just compete every day to become the best player we can be. We strive to be the best. That's what just happened. We won because we all really good brothers and we worked hard together.

Q. You've always had a high motor. This game you were particularly on point. What was the motivation for you to really get after that quarterback?

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: Well, really D-line, the whole team really because we worked hard. This game right here was like the last game of all here.

Me and my brothers, we was all fighting. We told each other like we going to be the best that we can be. Like, I did this for my coaches, my D-line and my whole team.

Q. Mac said he thinks this is the best college football team that ever played. Do you agree? What is your argument for this being the best team, if so?

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: Well, to me, I agree with him. Yes, we really is the best team because we worked hard. We didn't hear the outside noise. We ignored the COVID stuff. We just worked hard together. We just really grinded out for this camp, scrimmages, everything. Even the first game, we were just grinding.

Yeah, I believe we is the best team, yes, sir.

Q. How much of this do you contribute to Coach Gor back home?

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: That's really my father. He's just like a father to me. Every day he always tells me, Let's keep working, work on stuff, like playing the run better, doing stuff better. Literally he motivates me every day to work hard. I worked the whole time. That guy right there is like a father to me. Like, he's just my mentor.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Christian. We appreciate you being with us. Thank you.

CHRISTIAN BARMORE: Appreciate it. Thank you.

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