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January 11, 2021

Shaun Wade

Miami, Florida, USA

Hard Rock Stadium

Ohio State Buckeyes

Alabama 52, Ohio State 24

Q. The way Alabama was able to consistently get the ball out in space and break things off in the first half against especially DeVonta Smith, looking back on it, why do you think that was so open for them just continuously through the first half?

SHAUN WADE: Really they just gave him the ball in open space and he made plays. He's a great player and they had a great scheme. They just made plays. I heard Justin say the same thing. They just came and outplayed us today.

Q. When you look back now at all the challenges and your decision to come back, you didn't get what you most wanted which was this National Championship. Was it still worth it for you? Look back on this last year for us.

SHAUN WADE: Oh, yeah, definitely it was worth it. I see myself growing as a man and as a team, and all the young guys growing as men, all the things that we went through, the adversity. I'm happy I came back, and I'm just glad we got here. I'm upset we didn't get the win but I'm definitely happy I came back and accomplished some big things with this team. I'm proud of them. I'm proud of everybody.

Q. Would you give your recruiting pitch to all those listening? And then about the time difference, you guys played your seven games versus their 12 games. Do you feel there was a difference in either team being up to peak performance tonight?

SHAUN WADE: You could say that, but at the end of the day we both were in the same predicament, both at the National Championship, so we both have got to play our best games. Yeah, they played more games, they had more experience, a little bit more chemistry, you could say that, but at the end of the day we both made the National Championship, so that's not an excuse. That's nothing. At the end of the day they just outplayed us today.

And you said a recruiting pitch?

Q. Yeah, recruiting pitch for those listening.

SHAUN WADE: Yeah, we've got a great program here. The brotherhood is very, very strong. We went through a lot of adversity with the season getting canceled to the season coming back, to games getting canceled and not playing enough games and everything. We went through a lot of adversity, and it just shows how much we fight. Even today just not giving up, everyone just kept on playing, kept on playing and kept on fighting.

At the end of the day for all the people that's looking at Ohio State, just really look clearly, and it's a great program.

Q. You touched on it a minute ago. Obviously this is a very interesting season. What do you and the team want to -- what do you personally and what do you want the team to be remembered for in this 2020 season?

SHAUN WADE: Just all the adversity and how much we fought at the end of the day. The season was canceled, so everybody was down and we went through a whole September where we just didn't know, and ended up having season, then we had camp during school and no one has ever done it where you have camp during school, and it's just crazy how much we just kept staying focused and just kept on fighting every day.

After that we had Big Tens and we didn't have enough games and everybody was doubting us. We just kept on fighting. I'm very, very proud of this team. I'm happy we got the season back and the Big Ten commissioner let us have a season and just very proud. I'm really looking forward to next year with all the guys that's going to be doing things, Cam Brown, Sevyn Banks, Josh Proctor, whoever is going to play in that secondary. I'm very proud of them and just really looking forward to their season next year.

Q. I know the game just ended a half hour ago, and if you're not ready to make a declaration or whatever, it seems pretty obvious that you came back for one more year, but is this definitively your last game at Ohio State or do you still want more time to consider it before the deadline a week from now?

SHAUN WADE: I really can't say. You know, I do want to come back and everything. I've got to talk to my parents. It is upsetting that we got here and we just didn't accomplish the goal, and that's just been my goal, winning a National Championship and just winning big games like this. I'll just go back with my parents, go talk to them and just go from there.

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