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January 11, 2021

Nick Saban

Miami, Florida, USA

Hard Rock Stadium

Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama 52, Ohio State 24

Q. Coach Saban, this was a season unlike any other. What did your team have to endure and overcome to stand here as champs?

NICK SABAN: Well, I think "perseverance" probably is the one word that describes this team the best in terms of what they've had to overcome all season long, to come undefeated and win a championship. I'm so proud of these guys. This was a team that was always together. Everybody bought into all the principles and values of the organization and the program. They just did a great job. They played together. They supported each other. This is a great team.

Q. How would you describe this senior class?

NICK SABAN: Well, a lot of good players, five that would be here that aren't, and we won for them, too, because we appreciate what they did for the program. But this senior class provided great leadership for this team as well as great performance.

Look, this is great for our fans. It's great for the University of Alabama. We've got great support here. I'm just so happy for these players. I wanted to win this game for these players because this game was about what they've done all year long, and it's great for our team and our players.

Q. It does give you a special mark, seven National Championships. Are you even able to process what that means?

NICK SABAN: Not really. I'm just happy that we won tonight, and I really haven't thought about that because you're always looking forward, and I just love this team so much and what they've been able to do. I can't even put it into words.

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