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January 10, 2021

Justin Thomas

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Plantation Course at Kapalua

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Justin Thomas who shot a final round of 66, going to come up a bit short. It's been an interesting 24 hours. Did you come here today on the golf course distracted at all after yesterday?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Certainly. Golf wasn't the main thing on my mind. Usually being four back going into Sunday I'm thinking about one thing and one thing only and that's trying to win the golf tournament.

But obviously had a lot of other things on my mind last night. I mean, I apologized yesterday. I don't need to explain myself. I clearly screwed up. I made a terrible, terrible judgment call. But I thought a lot last night that, we grow a lot as people over time. I wish that I could learn to grow a different way than the way that I chose to do it, but unfortunately it's in the past and there's nothing I can do about it now. And again, it definitely was a distraction out there today. But now I just get to take time going forward and try to become better because of it.

Q. So close and this just goes to show you the margin of victory on the TOUR, right? It was a couple of edges for you, wasn't it?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, it was. I was really proud of how I played today. I think being four back, especially at a place like this and where guys were going low, I mean, it looked like the tournament was destined for a playoff or a lot of guys were there. But I just, I really, really stayed in the moment well, took it one shot at a time, just trying to make a lot of birdies. It got windy, it got harder, putted beautifully, drove it well, hit good irons, just missed two really, really timely putts there on 16 and 17.

Q. That 16th green, the few years I've been here, that seems like one of the toughest greens to read on the PGA TOUR.

JUSTIN THOMAS: It is just because it's very rare that you get a straight putt. You know, I was probably, what, six, seven feet there and I played it about a cup and missed it low. I feel like I might have just started it a little bit right there. As crazy as it is, I would love that wedge shot over again as opposed to the putt. That was a pretty easy pin. But I totally misjudged the green there in terms of where it was going to come back to.

But no, I mean, I wish I would have made the putt, but I put myself in a position to win the last couple holes, so going into the day today I would say that's good.

Q. We don't get to peak at the notes on the phone for 2021 for goals this year. I know you have them in your head, but obviously winning here was probably one of them, but you're off to a good start here in 2021.

JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, appreciate it. It's a good start and get a week off before going to Abu Dhabi, a place I've never been, so I'm excited for that.

Q. What kind of attitude to you bring to the golf course today, trying to obviously catch the leaders and then go win this thing?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Well, I saw that it was going to be a little windier, so that was good for me, especially as good as Harris was playing. I needed some help from him. I mean, I can't expect to go out and shoot 10- or 11-under. So it got windier and I really, really played well. I drove the ball better and I putted really well. I made some key putts there and hit some really nice wedge shots there on the front nine and then got off to a good start on the back nine. Through 15, I think I was one back and I saw Joaquin kept making birdies, and Harry was right there, and just missed two timely putts there on 16 and 17. But overall I played really, really well and gave myself a chance to win.

Q. Do you feel good about this as a start to the year?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, golf-wise, I definitely, I feel great about the start. I mean, the golf seemed pretty irrelevant today for me in terms of what the mistake that I made yesterday, but in terms of my golf, I love where it's at and I really feel like that I played well this week. I mean, if you would have told me I think -- what did I shoot? 24-under through four rounds and 10 shots better than last year and it's not going to get it done.

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