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January 7, 2021

Webb Simpson

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Plantation Course at Kapalua

Quick Quotes

Q. Kind of a whirlwind beginning. Can you go over everything, the time line of everything and from testing positive to getting in and also then just kind of assessing your play today.

WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I my daughter was, she had a cold before Christmas and when I started feeling, I didn't feel great on the 26th, I thought I probably picked up what she had, but she didn't have COVID, so I figured it was, you know, a cold or a flu or something. But I continued to get worse and I couldn't test until Monday and tested positive.

And by Monday afternoon kind of when I got my test back my taste was leaving me, so I figured it was probably a positive. But we just decided we were going to isolate as a family. And I didn't, I couldn't go to Quail, I couldn't hit balls, I snuck out in the yard a little bit to swing. But all in all I feel great, my energy started coming back a few days ago, and thankfully it worked out, the timing of it, where I was able to play this week and so happy to be here.

Q. So with all that said, how would you assess how you played today?

WEBB SIMPSON: I'm happy. I felt like I left a few out there, burned a few edges on putts, made a few bogeys from middle of the fairway. But everything that kind of I've been through and flying all day yesterday from the East Coast I'm super happy with 3-under.

Q. How would you describe the experience of just having it, because you had the, your family had the false positive back in June and then to this now, like how, just the experience, kind of the emotions, especially around the holidays?

WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I mean, we went from very strict leading all the way through the playoffs, to we got a family of -- we have five kids, they want to see their friends, we want to see our friends. For our age group, our health background the chances of us going through it pretty well are good.

So we started seeing more people. Certainly we weren't, you know, seeing a lot of people, but have a couple over for dinner, we just got to the point where like we got to live our life while we're being smart. But even through the holidays we were careful.

And it -- I figured with the numbers going up the way they were, we were going to get it at some point. And the most important thing is obviously those in my life who are older who are more susceptible and taking the coronavirus, you know, going, having a bad run with it. But thankfully now I'm not really contagious I guess for awhile.

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