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January 2, 2021

Jack Tuttle

Tampa, Florida, USA

Raymond James Stadium

Indiana Hoosiers

Ole Miss 26, Indiana 20

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Jack.

Q. Coach Allen told us you had a separation in your shoulder. What level of pain would you say you were dealing with during the course of the game? What drives you to continue to play out there?

JACK TUTTLE: Yeah, I mean, there's no excuse, right? But, yeah, it sucks. Like I just said, it's for my team. I got to find a way to get the job done. I love 'em. We're going to come back stronger.

Q. What were you able to do between halftime and the time you could get on the sideline to mitigate some of it? How much was constant versus how much was triggered by certain throws, the pain?

JACK TUTTLE: It was just kind of there constantly. Like I said before, it sucks. I got to find a way to make it happen.

Q. The two plays that got you in the third and fourth and 18 situation on the last drive, you throw to Whop, was that a read on your part? The sack, what did you see there?

JACK TUTTLE: Yeah, I think on third down I tried to do a little too much. Should have thrown the ball away there. The fourth down, I had to give somebody a chance. I was running out of time.

Just didn't work out.

Q. When did you injure your shoulder?

JACK TUTTLE: I can't remember specifically, sir. I think it was early on.

Q. You had a great connection with Whop today. Talk about what you were seeing with him.

JACK TUTTLE: Whop is a special player. He's a really special player. I think all these guys, these receivers, are phenomenal. Getting him the ball is super important. That's really it. That's all I can say, just great player.

Q. Trying to get some shots downfield, how tough was it to be able to hook up with Ty throughout the course of game? Was it something defensively they were doing?

JACK TUTTLE: Yeah, Ty was doing a good job. I mean, he had a lot of PI calls on him, I thought. There were a couple that were on me. I just got to put it in a better spot for him.

Q. Through the course of this game, early you were hitting short stuff, some misses, then managed to get a rhythm. How did you find, develop a rhythm in the course of the game, learn more of what you were capable of against that defense?

JACK TUTTLE: Yeah so, obviously, didn't play our best at all. I feel like we could have came out stronger. Would have could have should have, right? Just got to be better, improve, grow from it, so...

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