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January 2, 2021

John Rhys Plumlee

Tampa, Florida, USA

Raymond James Stadium

Ole Miss Rebels

Ole Miss 26, Indiana 20

Q. John Rhys, just making the move and making the plays at the end of the game, what all played into that for you, and has this been something that you've been working towards throughout the year?

JOHN RHYS PLUMLEE: I mean, just the past week, you know, been praying for opportunities, you know, because as a competitor you want to be on the field, be making plays with your teammates. The opportunity opened up at wide receiver with Kenny and Elijah opting out to go do really big things in the NFL. Just really thankful for the opportunity that opened up, and feel really blessed to have the athletic ability to do it.

Q. Do you see a potential future there at wide receiver or do you still think that quarterback is home?

JOHN RHYS PLUMLEE: You know, I really enjoy quarterback, and this week has been really fun at wide receiver. It's a really quick turnaround to just say, hey, this is what I want to do for the remainder of my athletic career as a football player. I just feel really blessed to be in the situation that I am, to have two right answers.

To give you a definite answer, I'm not sure. I've got to do some praying about it to see whether I want to be a quarterback or be a wide receiver or try to do both. Just got to do some praying about it.

Q. What's it like going over the middle to catch a pass for the first time in a live game in a January bowl?

JOHN RHYS PLUMLEE: You know, I've been -- as a running quarterback, you get hit a lot from guys that you don't necessarily see all the time, so I told Matt that -- I told him before the game that I wouldn't get alligator arms, and so I tried not to when I go over the middle. Just tried to look in and focus and make a catch and take a hit if that's going to be what it is.

Q. What did you see on that long gain on that last drive?

JOHN RHYS PLUMLEE: Are you talking about the slant or the deeper pass?

Q. The deeper pass.

JOHN RHYS PLUMLEE: You know, it was a play that we drew up earlier in the week. We had a couple of routes out of the backfield for me and that was one of them, and Matt did a great job of looking off I think it was the safety to open my way up. Just we were wide open; great job game planning for me by Coach Lebby and Coach Kiffin. When you're wide open, those are sometimes the hardest catches, when you've just got to focus on catching the ball. I'm thankful I did, and I wish I would have scored, but thankfully we got in anyway.

Q. John Rhys, how soon do you put the baseball cleats on and report full time over at Swayze?

JOHN RHYS PLUMLEE: So January 2nd is the date of today, so we report for baseball January 3rd so I'll have a couple hours off, be able to really eat a good meal and then go right back into it. I can't wait to get over there to Swayze for sure.

Q. Team-wise Lane said the celebration was like winning the Super Bowl. What was the locker room like and what was the celebration on the field like after the game?

JOHN RHYS PLUMLEE: It was unreal. To be able to celebrate with your teammates like that, it's something special. You celebrate a lot of things, but I think celebrating with your teammates after a win is one of the best feelings you can have, especially when it's the last one, and you've got guys like Royce Newman, you're putting them out on top, and it's a great feeling for sure.

Q. For guys like Royce it's been five years since --

JOHN RHYS PLUMLEE: I know, I know. He's been here for a while now.

Q. What do you think this means for the locker room to have tasted this, to know what winning a bowl game feels like?

JOHN RHYS PLUMLEE: You know, it's been a while since Ole Miss has been able to do this for the fans. They've been kind of thirsty for this to happen, and thankful that we could have the opportunity to do it. I think it kind of propels us into 2021, and we're really excited about it.

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