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January 2, 2021

Micah McFadden

Tampa, Florida, USA

Raymond James Stadium

Indiana Hoosiers

Ole Miss 26, Indiana 20

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Micah.

Q. Tom Allen mentioned the tempo, to deal with that. From a player's perspective being on the field, what was it like to deal with that, with the heat added onto it?

MICAH McFADDEN: I think that definitely played a factor in the game. I saw a lot of guys tightening up towards the end of the game. Some even towards the middle of the game. Yeah, it was tough to get subs in.

Yeah, they were definitely moving in on us, going fast. We kind of knew they were going to do that. We practiced to prepare, but there wasn't really much we could do to prepare for the heat, the exhaustion and fatigue at the end.

Q. On the blocked field goal, did you realize you might have been able to return it or were you just trying to take a knee?

MICAH McFADDEN: At first I was kind of thinking I couldn't return it so I took a quick knee just to end the half. I knew there was one second left on the clock, we weren't going to have another play. I really thought if I returned it, there would be some penalty or something. But it wasn't.

Q. What is so difficult about defending Matt Corral? What makes him so difficult to contain?

MICAH McFADDEN: He's definitely elusive. He creates plays with his feet, can get the ball down the field, just keep plays alive, which played a factor in this game, helped them win the game.

Q. The last drive, how difficult is it for you as a defensive player to see that happen? What do you remember of some of the mistakes that might have happened?

MICAH McFADDEN: Yeah, I mean, you want to motivate as much as you can. That's exactly what we did. But it's also difficult to watch. Wish you could be out there. You're not on the field the last important plays of the game.

We had it in our hands before that. We shouldn't have let them drive down the field and score their final touchdown. Can't take any of that back now.

Q. Talk about the toughness of Jack Tuttle today. Coach Allen talked about how he had a separated shoulder in his throwing shoulder. Is that something you knew?

MICAH McFADDEN: Yeah, he's a tough son of a gun, for sure. I didn't know that shoulder was popped out. I think a little bit after halftime or before, I saw him grabbing at that shoulder. I could tell there was something up. But I don't think any player knew it was out of place or anything like that.

I already knew he was tough before that. That just adds on to it. That guy's a baller.

Q. For you it's a chance to come home, play in front of some fans. How much is that something you tried to feed off of?

MICAH McFADDEN: Yeah, I mean, it was cool to be home, play in front of a semi-full crowd, hear the roar. It was really exciting. Glad we got to do it one time this year.

Q. Tackling was something you were really clean with most of the year. Do you feel you tackled up to your standards today as a group?

MICAH McFADDEN: No, definitely not. I don't know the number, but there was quite a few missed tackles. I think the grass conditions played a bit of a factor in that. It's also guys getting their cleats in the ground when they're going tempo, getting set up to make a play.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Micah.

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