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January 2, 2021

Charles Campbell

Tampa, Florida, USA

Raymond James Stadium

Indiana Hoosiers

Ole Miss 26, Indiana 20

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Charles.

Q. You had two 50-yard plus kicks, Outback Bowl records, new records for longest field goals. How comfortable were you kicking on this field in these conditions today?

CHARLES CAMPBELL: So I grew up on a grass field kicking back at my high school. We got turf I think after I left. I mean, I like grass better than turf.

When you have a snapper and holder like I do, Sean and Haydon, they make it like a walk in the park.

Q. Obviously at the end of the day your job is to kick field goals. If you can get more touchdowns, you might have a better chance. How does it feel to see your teammates not quite be able to get there as a team?

CHARLES CAMPBELL: It's a heartbreaking loss, for sure. I mean, I just want to help. I did my job, but it wasn't enough in the end. I mean, I'm taking the loss pretty hard. I live over two hours away from Ole Miss, so I had some friends from my high school that went there, some buddies on the team. Just really wanted to win.

I'm kind of happy but not really. I'm just upset about this loss.

Q. Nobody is thinking too much to the future, but guys have talked about Haydon as somebody they really see as a leader. Do you feel maybe there's kind of an onus on you thinking to next year to step into that role yourself?

CHARLES CAMPBELL: Yeah, so one of the things I said I wanted to work on this year was my leadership. Haydon took our specialists group to a different level this year, I respect him so much. He was like hands down all year the leader of this. He left some big shoes to fill. I want to take on that role and I want to take our special teams group to a different level.

Q. You had the two Purdue games that came and went. How difficult was it for you guys to get through this last month with all the stops and starts?

CHARLES CAMPBELL: I think it's been pretty difficult. Everyone's fired up to go out and play Purdue, then play in the crossover game. To see our last two games not being played, it was upsetting.

But Ole Miss is a great team, we got to play in a great bowl. In the end it was good.

Q. Can you take us inside the locker room, what it's like in the last couple of minutes, the atmosphere?

CHARLES CAMPBELL: Guys are upset. Everyone's upset for the older guys. We don't know if they're coming back or not. It's just tough to see. This could be some guy's last game. Everyone is pretty down. But, I mean, I'm ready to get back to work and come back and win games.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Charles.

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