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January 2, 2021

Stevie Scott III

Tampa, Florida, USA

Raymond James Stadium

Indiana Hoosiers

Ole Miss 26, Indiana 20

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Stevie.

Q. The running game got going a little bit in the second half. What were some of the keys to make some plays on the ground?

STEVIE SCOTT III: I feel like we started running a little bit tempo offense. We noticed that the defense was getting a little tired. We just tried to play to our advantage, just try to get the run game going, keep getting downhill to set up play-action.

Q. We learned from Coach Allen that Jack had a separated shoulder. Were you aware there was anything wrong with Jack? How much does that prove something about Jack in terms of his toughness?

STEVIE SCOTT III: I didn't actually really even notice till I seen one of his passes was kind of short to Whop. I asked him what was wrong. He said his shoulder was a little messed up.

For him, he just stay in, still try to get the job done, be a leader, be our starting quarterback. It just shows that he's very strong and mentally tough. I really appreciate Jack for everything he's done this season stepping up, especially when Mike going down, him trying to be that great guy he is, being a leader.

Q. How much do you think that slow start had to do with missing some practice time for the whole team? Did you think the refs sometimes blew the whistle a little bit early on some of your runs?

STEVIE SCOTT III: Man, you know, especially me being a runningback, just moving the (indiscernible) forward, that's something we like to do. That's something that the O-line loves to go. Got me a little frustrated they was blowing the whistle so quick, we were still playing ball.

Q. The missed practices because of the COVID situation, might that have played a part in the first half rustiness?

STEVIE SCOTT III: Definitely, I feel like it's half and half. You can't really have excuses on why we didn't get the job done, why we didn't play. Definitely COVID played a little part. It's still our job to go out there and play no matter what the circumstances is, just try to pull out that win.

Q. I know it's probably hard to answer right after a game, but when you go back and look at everything that's gone on this season, how special is it for everything that's gone on?

STEVIE SCOTT III: I'm just so thankful and happy just to be a part of a changing program like this, to be that change. It's definitely a great feeling. We definitely sad we didn't cap off the year like we wanted to.

It's just a start. I feel like we've broken through. For this next year upcoming, we have to continue doing what we started this year. Definitely have to use this bowl game and last bowl game as double motivation as before. Two years back-to-back two years we lost the bowl game.

Q. Were you surprised it took you guys as long as it did to establish that running game today?

STEVIE SCOTT III: I wasn't really surprised. I always knew we had it. It was something that's a mental thing for the runningbacks and for the O-line just to lock in, do their assignment. I feel like we always have one, some games it just really wasn't there. I feel like today it definitely came to play in the second half. We tried to take advantage as much as we could.

Q. You mentioned Jack's toughness. How did you see him grow up in terms of his decision making, rhythm with the offense as this game wore on?

STEVIE SCOTT III: Really for Jack, Jack is the type of guy, he's excited. You know what I'm saying? You just have to tell him to calm down, just calm down and let the game flow. I feel like once Jack calmed down and let the game come to him, going out there and being a play-maker, I think the rest, he did whatever he had to do, just go out there and make plays.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Stevie.

STEVIE SCOTT III: Appreciate you guys.

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