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January 1, 2021

Jerome Ford

Darrick Forrest

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Cincinnati Bearcats

Georgia Bulldogs 24, Cincinnati Bearcats 21

Q. Jerome, after your big run to start the second half, Georgia defense really seemed to play much better than you guys on offense. What do you attribute that to? Was it them doing something different on defense or something you were struggling with on offense?

JEROME FORD: I think a combination of both. We kind of shot ourselves in the foot a couple times and you know, they capitalized. I think it was a combination of both.

Q. You had a chance on that last drive to run the clock out. What broke down on that drive to where you couldn't get that one last first down?

JEROME FORD: Can you repeat it?

Q. On that last drive you had on offense, you were not able to get that one last first down. What was missing on that drive where you were not able to get past the first down?

JEROME FORD: As a team or me individually?

Q. As a team.

JEROME FORD: Like I said, kind of shoot ourselves in the foot not capitalizing and making the play that needed to be made when we had a chance.

Q. Did you feel like you guys had done enough to keep them out of field goal range and take me through the emotions as you're watching that kick in the air?

DARRICK FORREST: Went out there, we played that last drive to the best of our ability. Made a great kick. I felt anger, pain, disappointment as the field goal went through the field goal posts. I just want to shout-out to all the seniors and all my teammates.

Q. We heard that Ahmad had back spasms. Seems like he was a late scratch, and what it was like to find that out before the game and playing without him and what you expect there?

DARRICK FORREST: They both been in and out of practice all week and questionable. So not having them out there tonight, it was very hurtful. I just wish we had them.

Q. What was the key for you guys stopping what is a pretty good Georgia offense, especially stopping them on the ground?

DARRICK FORREST: Discipline. The defensive line, they got it to him, got pressure. The linebacker was very solid. We had a few mistakes on the back end, but after halftime we started making corrections to how we played very well. They just capitalized off our mistakes.

Q. Can you talk about how losing James Hudson impacted the offense?

JEROME FORD: Of course it hurt, but at the end of the day, we've got another season to start, and I feel like this would be good motivation going into the next season to work harder and finish, practice the things that we missed today.

Q. Take me through how well Bryan Cook played today and what it was like being back there with Wig out, to step up and be such a big factor?

JEROME FORD: He played excellent and he made tackles when we needed him to -- when he was in coverage, he did what he needed to do. I didn't feel like there was any change. If there's any safety out there with me, we have chemistry and we're going to play the game the way it needs to be.

Q. Obviously this was a disappointing loss today but also a great season and a really good career for you and past couple seasons. Are you able to hold both those in your mind right now and wrap your head around a disappointing loss, but also just how the season unfolded for you guys as a team?

DARRICK FORREST: What happened in the past isn't really going through my mind, but this loss is going to leave a permanent memory. We are just ready to take the next step and move forward from this.

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