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September 14, 2002

John Huston


TODD BUDNICK: We welcome John Huston. We talked about it with the other guys that it's unusual to see so many low scores on this course.

JOHN HUSTON: I think the fact that the greens were pretty soft the last two days were the biggest factor and that it is a little easier to get it close to the pin, so I think that's definitely the biggest factor.

Q. Steve Flesch mentioned that he thinks the players are starting to acclimate themselves to the course, although the greens are sloped and tough to play guys are kind of figuring them out maybe?

JOHN HUSTON: Yes, I think that's definitely out, but you get a few more rounds, a little more comfortable with what the greens are like, that's probably a definite factor.

Q. What keyed on your round today?

JOHN HUSTON: Well, I hit the ball well. I gave myself a lot of chances. I kept it in the fairway for the most part and I hit a lot of greens. Towards the end I made a couple of long putts and turned a good round in to a really good round.

Q. You got off to a great start with three Top 10s early. It seemed like you struggled over the past few weeks?

JOHN HUSTON: Yes, that was my plan was to play a lot early and then not play that much in the summertime when the kids were out of school, and I think, you know, I lost a little of my feel for playing. So I wasn't planning on playing this week. I was planning on waiting until the tournament comes to Innisbrook where I live next week, I was playing pretty well at home so I decided to come up here and get practice in.

Q. What turned it around for you since the idle period?

JOHN HUSTON: I started hitting the ball a lot better. You know, I eliminated the really bad shots. I'm still hitting a few bad shots but they are playable. I started putting a little bit better the last couple of weeks, to.

Q. The 40-somethings are in first place; the 40-somethings are making a statement this week...

JOHN HUSTON: There is a lot of guys that are in there 40s that are out on the TOUR. They talk a lot about the young guys but there is a lot of guys that are my age that are out here, so I think that's definitely a factor when you have some experience it helps you a little bit.

Q. Was that something that may spur you on, the talk about the 20-somethings and 30-somethings and that you guys maybe not get the -- (Inaudible)

JOHN HUSTON: No, I think that everybody is pretty driven by themselves. I don't think that, you know, it's kind of a different sport. Everybody is to themselves and driven by their own goals and what they want to accomplish.

Q. John, are the greens maybe too soft for everybody's liking?

JOHN HUSTON: I think they need to be soft, these greens -- it was really hard Thursday to get it in real close. So you weren't really seeing anybody with very many good chances at birdie. I think you need to be able to hit it fairly close or it will take forever to play because you have 40-footers on these greens that are pretty difficult.

Q. Tomorrow you will have your share of the lead or won't be very far out. Everybody is in the same boat as you. Would it be an exciting finish tomorrow?

JOHN HUSTON: Yes, I don't think anybody knows what to expect for tomorrow and certainly Billy Andrade and those guys have quite a few holes left so they can definitely distance themselves, you never know, or they can stay right where they are and everybody be bunched together. I don't think anybody has any expectation of what tomorrow is going to be like. You just have to wait and see when you get here in the morning.

Q. Did you ever finish off a round like that a 50- and 30-footer?

JOHN HUSTON: I'm sure I have. But it's been a while. I haven't made too many putts over 10 or 15 feet lately so I'm happy to take them.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you, John.

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