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December 14, 2020

Bronte Law

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Obviously it's really cold here today. Just how would you sum up the conditions that you all faced here on major Monday?

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, tough is definitely a word that I think a lot of people are going to use. You know, I just think when you're hitting the ball well and nearly every fairway you've got a mudball. You hit some good shots that feel good off the faces and the ball is flying all over the place, it takes away from a lot of the hard work that you put in.

So a little disappointing. Obviously can't do much about the weather, but in terms of rules of golf and stuff, they're there for a reason. I think that whoever is crowned champion today, there'll always be that element of what could have been. I'm sure there will be plenty of other players out there saying the same thing.

It's frustrating. It's a great golf course, tough setup, the pins were tucked and the added element of mud balls, and you work hard all year to kind of perform, and when you kind of got other things battling against you, it makes it difficult to rationalize in your head.

But everyone is going through it. I do think that it then ends up being who had the fewest mud balls as opposed to being who played the best golf.

Q. Just overall, mud balls aside and the championship really aside, how would you define the way that Champions performed this week, the state of Texas, Houston, bringing this championship to this state?

BRONTE LAW: I think the golf course is a tremendous golf course. It really challenges you in so many ways.

I think that you really have to plot your way around the course, and that's exactly the epitome of a U.S. Open. I think that they've done a great job despite everything that's been thrown at them.

The hospitality and the USGA always run such great events that it's really been a pleasure to be here. Obviously given the time of the year, you know, you usually wouldn't expect to be playing in these conditions. It's so cold, and that adds obviously another element to it.

But for this time of the year and for the conditions that they had, the golf course was fantastic.

Q. Lastly, you just finished on 18. Coming down the stretch, 15, 16, 17, 18, in these conditions, what are the leaders going to face as they try to close this thing out?

BRONTE LAW: I think 17 is playing incredibly tough given the wetness on the fairways. You've got a good chance that you'll have some mud on that ball.

On the fairway mine was on the right side of the ball, which obviously coming down there is not ideal. You want to be up on the right at the green. So I knew that it was going to try to move right to left. I've aimed right edge of the green to try and battle that off.

So, yeah, for sure it is going to be challenging and with 18 being -- playing slightly down and with having to make that carry over that bunker. Certainly wouldn't want to be really needing to make a birdie coming down the stretch, because there is not too many chances.

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