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December 12, 2020

Yealimi Noh

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Flash Interview

Q. 1-over, how do you feel you played today?

YEALIMI NOH: I feel I played pretty good. On the front nine I was putting it really well and the back nine the bogeys that I had were just short putts that I missed. So overall I think I played pretty well today.

Q. Talk a little bit about the different conditions out there.

YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, I was expecting, I think we were all expecting it to be sunny this morning but it was a little cold and windy, and it was a lot wetter on the course today, so just, yeah, just hitting greens and fairways were the goal.

Q. This is your first U.S. Women's Open, but you found yourself in contention just last weekend. Do you feel like you're getting more comfortable with these positions on Sunday?

YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, I was really excited for this event, because it was my first, but I think last week definitely gave me a lot of confidence going into this week.

Q. What you have you specifically learned from being in contention several times?

YEALIMI NOH: I think just focus. I mean, it's just like focusing on yourself and see where it will take you, because you can't really control anyone else.

Q. Was Dave on your bag last week as well?

YEALIMI NOH: Yes, he was.

Q. How did that come about and how I guess it's worked out pretty well so far.

YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, yeah, so he started last week with me and I think he's the best, he's really helped me with my game. And the weeks before last week too I was hitting it the same, putting it the same, everything was the same, but he really helped me let everything come together and I think he's the best, yeah, I just -- yeah, he's been a lot of help.

Q. How did he help you do that? What's maybe an example?

YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, just like my approach shots into the green, just helping me find like the straightest putt on the green. We left ourselves in really good position, like just uphill, straight putts. And just giving me a lot of confidence around the greens too. I was struggling a bit last, before last week, but he really helped me gain more confidence in just keeping me calm on the course.

Q. You would be the youngest U.S. Women's Open winner ever if you win tomorrow. Does that cross your mind at all?

YEALIMI NOH: No, I didn't know that. Just hoping to play my best tomorrow and just not have any regrets.

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