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December 11, 2020

Lindsey Weaver

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Flash Interview

Q. Lindsey Weaver, 1-under 70 on Cypress. Lindsey, talk us through your round today?

LINDSEY WEAVER: I just hit a lot of -- I think I hit every fairway and I hit most of the greens. Had a lot of hybrids in today, so I think that was saying something that I hit as many greens as I did.

Not necessarily very close opportunities, but with how big these greens are, it was nice to go bogey-free. But yeah, I had like four really good looks and I only made one, so kind of disappointed with that. But other than that, it was pretty good.

Q. Bogey-free at a U.S. Open; talk a little bit about what your approach is out there.

LINDSEY WEAVER: Just to kind of stay focused. Although I didn't make a bogey today, like bogeys are going to happen out here, so it's just kind of keeping the same mindset and just remaining positive that you know you can make birdies, and you have to be aggressive when you can here because oftentimes you don't have very short clubs in your hands so it's just about attacking when you can.

Q. Do you think there's any advantage to having played Cypress today, now going into the weekend when we go back to one course?

LINDSEY WEAVER: Yeah, that was what my fiancé and I were talking about. It was nice to play Jackrabbit, now I'm done with that course and I can just focus on Cypress. Yeah, it's nice to now just play three in a row on Cypress.

Q. Talk about having him on the bag. I know who your caddie is or not is a hot topic.

LINDSEY WEAVER: Yeah, so usually I've been by myself for most of the year, but that was kind of our deal. He was going to come for like the last three, so this is his second week, and we haven't gotten into too many fights so far. He's still here, so that's a good thing. But yeah, it's nice just having a familiar face on the bag, someone who knows my game so well. We practice and play together all the time.

Yeah, it's nice to have him to kind of just talk through shots with because I'm usually just by myself and just get up there and hit it. So yeah, it's nice to have him as kind of a good enforcement.

Q. What's your practice plan for the rest of the day? Are you going to stay out here?

LINDSEY WEAVER: I barely made it -- I got in bed at like 4:00 yesterday and I was really struggling to stay awake. I had to leave the house and go pick up takeout so that I could just stay awake and not fall asleep. So I'm just going to probably rest for the rest of the day. Not going to grind it out too much.

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