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December 11, 2020

Inbee Park

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Inbee, solid playing through the first two rounds. Obviously two golf courses, two very different golf courses. Now that you've gotten through both of those, how different was Jackrabbit and Cypress?

INBEE PARK: Just with Cypress being a little bit more humid and a little bit more moisture on the ground it was playing a little bit slower. The golf course was playing a little bit longer and the greens were a little bit slower.

Yesterday Jackrabbit was just really lightning yesterday and the balls were running a lot and it was a little bit different type of a golf course.

Jackrabbit it's a little bit shorter but you have to execute a lot of shots very accurately. Here it just plays really long last four or five holes. Really tough coming in.

Q. As you look to the closing two rounds, now you can focus all of your attention on Cypress. As a player, how do you prepare for Saturday and Sunday?

INBEE PARK: I feel like I left a lot of shots and putts out there last couple days, so I'm just trying to make little more putts on the green.

I haven't been making the inside 10- to 15-footers at all last couple days, so hopefully the weekend I can putt a little bit better. You know, we're hitting longer clubs into the greens, so it's not easy to get it close.

But when you have an opportunity you definitely have to get it, so...

Q. 1-over for the championship; 7-under par leading; 8 shots back. Still two full rounds of golf left here. Two-time champion the U.S. Women's Open. How as a player are you going to change your strategy, if at all, for the second two rounds?

INBEE PARK: You know, it's just no change of the strategy. Same strategy. Just trying to hit a lot of greens and give myself a lot of opportunities. Hopefully my putter just turns on and few putts drop. That'll be nice.

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