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December 11, 2020

Robert MacIntyre

Dubai, UAE

Jumeirah Golf Estates

Press Conference

ROBERT MACINTYRE: I actually played better than yesterday. I drove the ball really good today. I was never really out of position. Didn't hit my iron shots as close as I would have liked, hence there wasn't many birdies. But I'm delighted with the way I fought there at the end. That was a battle on 18, I think. I've seen every putt on that golf hole over the last two days. I've just got to hope for better the next two days.

Q. The par you made earlier at the 2nd was another good par. How pleased are you that you showed patience and held yourself in there today?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: Delighted. I mean, Mike is a good partner. I was getting ratty after like 12 holes. We hadn't made a birdie, and in my head, I'm going, we're making too many pars here. We'll drop one shot and then it's just over par. That happened, and obviously Mike just kept saying we've got four chances coming up. The way you're hitting it, we can probably count on a couple, if not four birdies. It was just about sticking with it. I was playing great, just hadn't got it close enough. I managed to knock it in tight on the 15th and managed to hole one.

Q. Is that something you feel has improved over the last four or five months?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: Yeah, I mean, the patience -- I always felt I was really good last year at staying patient, letting it happen. I've started to force it a wee bit at the start of the year, and then obviously Mike has come on the bag and he's more mature than me. I hate to say that, but yeah. Yeah, he just brings a different edge to it, and he keeps me calm, keeps me in the moment with what I'm trying to do. Even on 18, we're talking through shots there coming up 18. We're not in a good spot, and he understands the shots we're trying to play, which is half the battle when you're trying to stay patient.

Q. Can you talk us through the last hole, how you played it, how you managed to get your par?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: Yeah, so the water zigzags up the hole. I've tried to hit it up the right fairway. I've pushed it slightly. It's almost in the water on the left side. It's on a side-hill lie. I'm an aggressive player, so I've gone at the green. I've mis-hit it, I've hit it in the bark/sand up the left. I've got almost 70 yards, and I have nowhere to hit it. I was aiming actually -- if I was going to miss it it was going to hit the hospitality, but then it's come out left and it looks like it's gone out of bounds. There was a drop zone, and I played probably one of the best pitches I've had in the past year to about six feet and managed to knock it in.

Q. What length was the pitch?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: The pitch was from long of the green about 30 yards, but it was just a flop shot over the slope.

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