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December 9, 2020

Charley Hull

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. (In progress) ... going into this major.

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, the last I think three or four events I finished seventh at the KPMG and then sixth in Saudi and I think six again in Saudi, two in Saudi, and then six last week. So I've had a little bit of a good run. My game was in good shape.

Yeah, look forward to this week. I feel in good condition.

Q. And then he said what is the forecast this week? He didn't many weather. What is your prognosis for your game this week?

CHARLEY HULL: Just fairways and greens. Hope I keep on hitting it how I have, touch wood. Just it would be cool to shoot some low scores and it would be a nice trophy to win.

Q. Obviously it takes all phases to win a major. What do you think the premium will be on this week?

CHARLEY HULL: This golf course, it's nice. It kind of suits me. I really like the other one as well. I like tight, long golf courses with firm greens because I hit it quite high with my irons and I'm able to stop it.

So I think you got to pick your way around. The other golf course is big greens, so a lot of the lag putting.

Q. Obviously this is unique playing two courses in a major. What are the differences in these courses as you've seen so far?

CHARLEY HULL: Well, I don't know really. The other golf course is probably a bit more tighter and the greens are bigger. Where this one is still tight, but you can go at it a bit more.

Q. And then also, how strange does it feel to be playing a major in December?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, that does feel kind of weird. Was beginning of the year couple months ago, but it's still good. We're lucky to have it, to be fair, so no one should moan.

Q. And then he also wanted to know about have you suffered any after-effects over the COVID?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, I was talking about it today. Like last week I struggled with my breathing a little bit. I've got asthma though and a bit of fatigue. I've noticed when do I my sprints and runs and stuff in the gym it takes me a little bit longer to get my breath back.

I've got a bit of memory loss. Like I don't -- bit of a foggy memory. That's what I noticed the most.

Q. Your last major, very solid at Women's PGA.


Q. Do you feel like you're closer to winning a major championship?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, like I came second a few years ago and the last few years always played well at majors. Just need to get kind of hot, real hot on one of the days and hole a few more putts, and then, yeah, I think it'll be good.

Q. Think you're ready this week?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, I'm ready.

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