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December 8, 2020

Mel Reid

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. So first of all, does it feel strange to be playing a major in December?

MEL REID: Yeah, it feels very strange. Obviously I think it's a different challenge this year for everyone. I think that obviously playing two golf courses due to daylight is going to be tricky. It's tricky for preparation.

So, yeah, just think it's going to be a totally different U.S. Open this year.

Q. How have you prepared for this championship?

MEL REID: So we came -- so we played Dallas last week, but we actually came down a couple days before and played both golf courses when it was kind of quiet. So we got kind of a good look at it. I played 18 holes today; I'll play 9 Tuesday, 9 Wednesday the different courses.

And, yeah, I mean, there's not a huge amount to it. I think you just -- obviously it's just about putting it in the right spots. Obviously the greens are massive on Cypress and they're a little bit smaller on Rabbit, so it's the two kind of different golf courses.

So it's just about, yeah, a lot of pace putting I think on Cypress and then Rabbit is just a little more gettable I feel.

Q. Obviously that's different too, playing two courses in a major. Have you ever played in any kind of a tournament with two?

MEL REID: No. I mean, I played tournaments where there's been two courses, but definitely not a major. That's why I just think it's going to be a new test for the girls. Like I think to prepare for is going to be a lot harder.

Yeah, I mean it's obviously a huge advantage to girls that live in Texas that have come out and been around here a little bit more than most of us. So, but, yeah, I mean it's a different test. It's a different test for everybody, so we'll see how it goes.

Q. How do you turn the switch mentally to go from one course to the other?

MEL REID: Pretty easy. They're pretty similar golf courses. It's just the greens that are kind of different. So, yeah, it's not like the grass is different or you don't need to do that kind of thinking.

So it is -- they're very similar. They're just, the greens are just obviously -- that's probably the biggest difference between the two.

Q. And then one of his questions is your victory at the Shop Rite and then your performance at ANA, how has that given you added belief in the U.S. Majors?

MEL REID: Yeah, I mean, I feel like my game's been in a good spot for two or three months now. So, yeah, just keep doing the same thing. Keep same intent, same desire, and, yeah, I mean, I'm not really changing much.

I feel like this -- we're progressing the swing nicely. Obviously it's towards the end of the year, so now it's about keeping the energy levels up, especially with a major this week and then CME next week.

So it's all really about -- yeah, I think the last two events is mainly about keeping your energy up.

Q. Are you where you want to be coming into this championship?

MEL REID: Yeah, I mean, I didn't play great last week. Didn't like that golf course. That golf course didn't like me. But I didn't feel like I hit it bad at all. So, yeah, I played 18 today. Played pretty good.

Major championship, it's tough. It's just a tough week. Like it doesn't look much as a golf course, but I guarantee on Thursday it will look a lot different. Yeah, you just got to be smart. You just got to be smart in major championships, try and take doubles out of play, and especially around here with big greens. Like there's going to be three putts left, right, and center.

So it's a lot about pace putting and just trying to eliminate the damage. That's basically what you're trying to do in a major championship.

Q. Does the winner here have to do something extremely well, driving?

MEL REID: I think you have to putt it well. Definitely more emphasis on pace putting this week. Honestly, I think the girl that 3-putts less is probably going to win. It's kind of that kind of situation that we have got going on this week.

So, yeah, pace putting's going to be key. That's probably going to be the biggest advantage to anyone if their pace is good.

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