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November 22, 2020

Austin Ernst

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Bogey-free round to close out the tournament. Overall how you feeling after the last round here?

AUSTIN ERNST: Yeah, I wasn't quite as sharp with my irons today, or the driver, so I had to -- just didn't have as many close birdie looks.

And then hit it close on 5 and then made about a 25-footer on 12, but just really couldn't hit it close enough to kind of get -- make a run at Sei Young. Obviously knew you would have to go really low to do something today.

But, yeah, to still get it in bogey-free not quite having it today is really nice.

Q. Especially on a course like this. I feel like you got wind one second, wind not the other second. We been talking about it all week. How comfortable are you in your game at the moment, especially taking it into the next three-week stretch?

AUSTIN ERNST: Yeah, my game fields really good, which obviously coming up with the U.S. Women's Open it's nice to see it turning in the right direction, and then obviously CME right after that.

I know what I need to clean up, and that's what I'll do the next week and be ready to go for the last three.

Q. The win that your fiancee was able to follow along with you, he's here as well. What's this like to be able to show some good play in front of him and in front of family and friends like that?

AUSTIN ERNST: It's great. And then, I mean, it's nice playing in front of the members out here too and actually getting some cheers. Yeah, it's nice having Jason on out most weeks. Gives it a little bit more of a normal feel since we can't really go hang out with anybody else during the COVID season.

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