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November 22, 2020

Jessica Korda

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Tied for the round of the tournament so far.


Q. Yeah, 6-under. Obviously a lot going well for you today. How did it go?

JESSICA KORDA: Yeah, I mean, you know, definitely minimized some of the mistakes; less wind today, which I felt like it maybe played a bit easier.

I just gave myself better numbers, and with the wind it's kind of tough to get yourself exactly the numbers that you like. But we had a lot of the same numbers today, so I was able to capitalize and I made some really long putts, too, which obviously always helps.

Q. Nice to see some work paying off after a long week here, I would imagine.

JESSICA KORDA: Yeah, no definitely. It's a great golf course. It suits my eye. It's Bermudas. I read the greens pretty decently.

Yeah, so I can't complain.

Q. Some family out over the weekend. I would imagine just being here in Florida and having family, that had to be extra nice.

JESSICA KORDA: Well now that Nelly wasn't playing this week unfortunately, but fortunately for me my parents actually got to watch me for four full days, which hasn't happened probably since she's been out on tour.

It's always one with the other or switching between nines. So, yeah, it was nice to have everyone out for sure.

Q. And had your brother out.

JESSICA KORDA: Yeah. He came out for the first time in God knows how long.

Q. Do you remember you how long that's been?

JESSICA KORDA: He was -- I feel like he was out this year somewhere. He always comes out (indiscernible).

Q. Okay.


Q. Any plans for Thanksgiving?

JESSICA KORDA: No, not really.

Q. Just lay low?

JESSICA KORDA: Just laying low. We still have to test, so not really planning on doing a whole lot.

Q. Just a lot of practice between now and VOA?

JESSICA KORDA: I wouldn't say a lot of practice. Yeah, definitely going to be nice to be home for a couple days, unpack, repack, leave. (Laughter.)

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