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November 22, 2020

Angela Stanford

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Before catching your flight today, take us through this final round. How are you feeling as you come off the course?

ANGELA STANFORD: It was good. I'm just not a fan of that last hole. I think it's a bad par-4. You know, when I'm back there trying to figure out which wood to hit, I don't think it's a great hole.

But, yeah, made a lot of putts today. Just had a lot of fun.

Q. You say you had a lot of fun, and also had a fun day in the Pro-Am leading up to this. How comfortable are you feeling in your game as you've been able to climb the leaderboard this week?

ANGELA STANFORD: I've been working a lot on my short game, trying to figure out some things in my putting, so it was nice to see some of that this week.

Nice to see some positive things come out of that. Hopefully keep going into Texas.

Q. This group, I feel like the grouping that you were just in, they were firing on all cylinders. You guys were making birdies left and right. What does that do for you, or are you more into your own game and don't notice what they're doing?

ANGELA STANFORD: I think it helps. I think when people are making putts you see the ball going in the hole, and I think it helps everybody in the group.

Q. With that, what is there to take away from this week as we get closer to home for and you also to Houston?

ANGELA STANFORD: I'm excited. Any time you get to play at home it's fun, and to get to play a U.S. Open in your home state, it will be my only chance in my lifetime, so I'm excited.

My parents will be at both, and it'll be two good weeks.

Q. I think you ran a half marathon at the beginning of this month before this tournament.


Q. What was that like for you?

ANGELA STANFORD: It was fun. Friend of mine wanted to do it and I told her I would train with her and run it. Yeah, we had a good time. And doing it in Fort Worth was fun.

Q. Feel like you can conquer anything once you've already had that under your belt, right?

ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, you would think. And I've used running to help me mentally just to become more strong. You know, one mile at a time, one hole at a time.

Q. Looks like today you'll be leaving here with a top 10 finish. What does that say about the consistency you've had this year. You've only missed one cut. This isn't your first top 10 finish of the year. What does it say about the state of your game right now?

ANGELA STANFORD: That my short game is getting better. I feel like ball striking has always been my strength, but my short game has been my weak link, so been doing a lot of work on that and that's helped make my game more consistent.

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