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November 22, 2020

Jennifer Song

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. That was your best round of the tournament for you, 5-under. How did it feel to put that together on the last day?

JENNIFER SONG: Felt amazing. I was actually talking to our leader, Sei Young, the last couple days and I'm like, Are you playing a different golf course that we're not playing? She was shooting 5-under par every single day pretty much.

Coming out here the last round to shoot 5-under, I feel pumped. I'm really excited for the next two events. I'm very happy.

Q. I would imagine it provides some good momentum for the next two events.


Q. You're going to Texas for both, so you only have to travel -- once you get there don't have to travel too far in between. How nice will that be to have the momentum and to have some, hopefully, easy travels?

JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, actually I'm taking a week off our Dallas event, but, yeah, it's a great momentum. Yeah, today's round and my entire season I think it's a proof that I've been working on the right things.

I just feel so positive going into every tournament, so I'm super excited.

Q. Each week I feel like your name is always in the top 10, Top 5. What do you think it'll take from what you've seen not only from yourself, but what others have done this year to continue to trend in the two biggest events of the year?

JENNIFER SONG: I think there shouldn't be any changes. Just keep working on the same thing I been working on and just feel absolute confidence about it.

I think it's all about making good judgment and executing after making the judgment. I been doing that pretty well. I think that should help.

Q. Has there been anything in particular that you're kind of focusing on this year a little more maybe than other parts of your game?

JENNIFER SONG: I was working on my long game. I struggled to hit some like decent shots into the green. I kind of figured out how to swing it and how my body works, and I think that's been very helpful.

Q. Yeah, especially on a course like this where a lot of people I feel like had some longer clubs into some holes. Was that a good help, good test this week?

JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, for sure. Couple of the holes the wind was really gusty, and I think it was important to hit the right shot with undulations on the green. So it was very tough.

Actually, after every round I pretty much had a headache because I was so focused out there, and like Andy and I were trying to calculate the right number and figure out the wind. It was just a lot of work.

Q. A lot of math.


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