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November 21, 2020

Edouard Roger-Vasselin

London, England, UK

Press Conference


6-7, 6-3, 11-9

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. That was quite a match. Just talk through your performance, coming back after that first set and being down 7-1 in the tiebreak.

EDOUARD ROGER-VASSELIN: Yeah, I mean, it's quite amazing to win this one, especially after a set and break down, but we kept fighting, we kept being positive. So we played great in the second set to win this one.

Yeah, for tiebreak, it was like 7-1 down. I think we were 7-3 down two matches ago in the round robin, so we just, as I said, kept be positive, try to win the next point and just fight. Yeah, at the end we won. It's quite amazing, yes.

Q. Just want to talk about kind of the last eight or nine days you guys have had. Do you feel now after winning today there maybe is a little bit of a sense of destiny for the two of you with your backs have been kind of up against the wall numerous times and you have been able to come through so many clutch situations?

EDOUARD ROGER-VASSELIN: Yes, I mean, we had a great talk all together with our coach also. I think it was after Vienna. We said, like, okay, we need to be much more positive on the match, because sometimes if we are down, if we are like a break down, we feel that we can be more positive to try to come back.

This is I think the key of our success the last 10, 15 days. Just be positive. Even if something bad happened to us like a bad shot, bad call, whatever happens, we just, yeah, be positive, try to win the next point and fight till the end.

I think, yeah, obviously it's the key of the last games.

Q. What does it mean for you this final in London now? What kind of story is it with Jurgen? He has another job now. What kind of type is this guy from Austria?

EDOUARD ROGER-VASSELIN: Yeah, it's not so bad for a guy working at the Federation now (smiling).

No, I mean, we didn't really talk about this, like, the last couple of weeks. We just tried to fight, first of all, to be able to come to London. And then like every game we just try our best.

Now we know it will be our last game tomorrow together, so I don't know if it will be a little bit motive at the end or how it will be, I don't know, but for sure it will be amazing to finish with the trophy.

I mean, already finish to be able to play the final on this amazing court tomorrow, it's already a great achievement, but for sure we want to win the last match.

Q. Just looking ahead to that final tomorrow, your opponents, it's their first time as well in the final. You and Jurgen, you're kind of an experienced team together and individually. Just your thoughts on that upcoming matchup.

EDOUARD ROGER-VASSELIN: Yeah, I mean, the good thing that we don't have crowd is that we don't feel that much the pressure. That's the only good thing, not to have the crowd.

But, no, for sure it will be a tight match. I mean, they have been playing amazing this year. We know each other of course, but as I said, we have to fight every point, every game. Yeah, at the end we will see who get the nerves and who can handle this and get the win.

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