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November 21, 2020

Sei Young Kim

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Great golf again today. Ally McDonald really pulled it close there after her tee shot went in the hole on 12.

How were you able to pull that back and continue to play aggressive and pull away from the field?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, she made a hole-in-one we almost one-shot lead. I got a little bit pressure, but I try to focus on my game.

And then, yeah, I'm very glad to see the, yeah, hole-in-one from her. This is first time see that, so, yeah.

Q. During the coverage Paige McKenzie was talking about how great you are in playoff records. Do you like head-to-head golf, playing one-on-one against somebody?

SEI YOUNG KIM: So what does that mean?

Q. It means that when you're tight, in a tight match, do you like playing against that person or against the field?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, yeah, I like matching with any, yeah, one shot and the lead and sometimes tie. Yeah, that is very sport. Yeah, feel like really sport.

But golf is sometimes -- yeah, that stretch is good, but sometimes I just, yeah, challenging myself. Yeah, that's easier.

Q. So going into tomorrow you have a good lead. Does that change your approach or do you remain aggressive?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Depend where the pin is, because pins are sometimes really aggressive. I have to avoid the water. Yeah, depend the pin positions. If the pin easy I just go the very aggressive, yeah. Nothing changes, yeah. Same as last three days.

Q. From every aspect of the game, you've been behind, been in the lead, what is the attitude you take into the game tomorrow with a large lead?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Even I going to six shot lead I just trying to keep push myself until the last hole. Trying to, yeah, keep think about, yeah, not -- yeah, it's realize, but keep pushing, yeah, myself.

I think that way is make more birdie. Yeah.

Q. You're now a major champion. Do you see yourself differently because now you have that title?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Well, not really. I feel like same, but when standing on the first tee, yeah, like announcer, Oh, this is a major champion, Sei Young Kim. When I heard that, feels like oh, yeah, I got that. Yeah, it's feels very emotional. Yeah.

Q. Going back to Korea, seeing family and friends, what was that experience like for you as now that major champion?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Well, one of my friend, she's crying. Was like so emotional. I was like, why you crying? And, yeah, they really happy to see I win the major tournament.

When I see my family they really, yeah, happy and they really like it.

Then, yeah, I spend time -- when I spend time in Korea I got extra -- feels like more happier than normal. Yeah.

Q. When you found out that you're now like tied for third on the list of all-time career Korean golfers, how does that make you feel?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Tied for?

Q. Tied for third of all-time female Korean golfers.

SEI YOUNG KIM: I think our country is really strong of the golf. Yeah, I think so. Yeah, I hope they -- I wish they -- we are all good each other and feed each other. Yeah, make the good result and gets what they want.

Q. We talked today about how good your relationship is with, Paul, your caddie. How important is he to you out on the golf course?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Me and Paul, we work together been six years, so we know each other. Yeah, when I looking at him he knows what I want and I know what he wants.

Yeah, it's really good potential when we on the golf course. Even out of the golf course we are really good friend. He's like kind of my second dad. Yeah, he's really good guy. Yeah, I'm very lucky to meet him.

Q. As a player, we always say you've always been under the radar, not really noticed. We talk about Sung Hyun Park and Jin Young Ko, but now here you are as the best Korean golfer right now. Did you feel that under the radar and maybe you had more pressure to prove yourself?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Well, kind of, yeah. Kind of, a little bit. Because if I say no it's maybe a lie. But, yeah, I'm very good rival each other. If you have a good rival I am able to improve myself. Yeah, I think good -- I wish they keep play well and that I play well. Yeah. Yeah.

Q. You love the competition. Thanks so much for your time again.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, thank you.

Q. Okay, here with Sei Young Kim, 54-hole leader. You went from being the 36-hole leader to now the 54-hole leader. What is it about this golf course that's bringing out the best in your game?

SEI YOUNG KIM: I think this golf course greens are really firm, so I just -- me and Paul talking through the right number and then pick the right shot.

So, yeah, and shot -- I've been shot very solid round. And then, yeah, hopefully tomorrow, yeah, same as last three days.

Q. You went through a number of holes starting from your first round to the end of the front nine going bogey-free. Do you ever think about that when you're on the course, or is it just one shot at a time?

SEI YOUNG KIM: After had a bogey felt, wow, it's been like 27 hole. I realize that. Yeah, I play quite consistently, so, yeah, hopefully no more bogey tomorrow. (Laughter.)

Q. You say you played consistently. There is no better way of showing that than those consecutive birdies on that back nine.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Oh, yeah.

Q. What was going so right for you and take us through those birdies?

SEI YOUNG KIM: You know, starting birdie hole at 13; 13 is a par-5. I reached the green and then two-putt, easy birdie.

And then next hole par-3 I had 6-iron (indiscernible) shot, but it was really solid. So I had like two feet, a tap-in birdie.

And then, yeah, 16 and 17 is also, yeah, I had good shot and a good putt. (Laughter.) Yeah.

Q. Were you saying that maybe the ball striking today for you was just on par with the rest of your game?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah. Ball striking I think this week really important ball striking because of the direction, and then ball directory really important. So I think I did very well this week.

Q. I know you said you don't look at leaderboards, but did you happen to peek at how far ahead you were coming up on 18 here?

SEI YOUNG KIM: You know, our group are really good, so it doesn't mean -- even I don't see the leaderboard, like leaderboard guys keep following us. I can see the score. I can check it out.

Yeah, but even that I trying same emotion and the same mental. Yeah.

Q. Taking it one shot at a time. You also were able to see a hole-in-one in your group today. What was that like?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, first time see that from, yeah, from near at the golf course. Yeah, it was great. She did a great job. Yeah.

Q. What's it like when you're both trading birdies? Do you like being in your own mindset or do you see what she's going and you try to compete with that?

SEI YOUNG KIM: I like the both. Yeah. It's sport, so if you compete with the other players it's more exciting. If not, just, yeah, challenge myself. Yeah, that's both ways good.

Q. What is there do you think that you're going to focus on tomorrow as you try to close out this thing and go for another win this year?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Just take a rest and relax and enjoy in the golf course. Yeah, just do my best. And then -- I'll do my best. Yeah.

Q. You nearly aced the 3rd hole. What did you hit on that?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Third hole?

Q. Yeah.

SEI YOUNG KIM: 5-wood, yeah.

Q. On the par-3?

SEI YOUNG KIM: The par-5.

Q. The 3rd hole? The 3rd hole, No. 3 today. Isn't that a par-3?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Oh, yeah, yeah, par-3.

Q. Yeah you almost made a hole-in-one. It lipped out.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I heard that.

Q. Yeah.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Almost in and then out.

Q. Yeah. What club was that?

SEI YOUNG KIM: I hit 6-iron. No, no, 7-iron.

Q. After Ally makes a hole-in-one, how did that impact you? Your lead shrunk, and then you went on a birdie tear after that.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, it was impressive because I was going to three-shot lead and then she's made the hole-in-one and then one-shot lead.

I keep saying myself, Okay just keep going. Yeah, keep going. I hope play good each other, feed each other until the last hole. Yeah.

Q. How many aces do you have in your career?

SEI YOUNG KIM: How many aces?

Q. Hole in ones.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Oh. I had one.

Q. One?


Q. When was that?

SEI YOUNG KIM: 2013, the (indiscernible) Classic Tournament.

Q. Is that on the KLPGA?

SEI YOUNG KIM: That's KLPGA, yeah. I was going to three-shot behind it, and then I make the hole-in-one and chasing her, and I won the tournament.

Yeah, that's lucky.

Q. That was a good one. So you won the tournament after that hole-in-one?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah. I won the tournament.

Q. Cool. When you're at this point in the tournament, what are you going to do tonight? Like how do you just reset and relax?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Had a good meal and especially carbs, eat a lot of carbs, and watching Netflix or YouTube.

Q. What are you watching on Netflix?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Me? I watch Michael Jordan Last --

Q. -- The Last Dance?


Q. That's pretty good.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah. Pretty good.

Q. What episode are you on?

SEI YOUNG KIM: I watch the two episode.

Q. Okay.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, I have left seven more maybe.

Q. Are you learning like a lot about him.


Q. Did you know much about him beforehand?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Definitely. He's a legend of the sport, so I got a lot of impressive and, yeah.

Q. Inspired.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Inspired, yeah.

Q. Did you watch it last night?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, I did. I did.

Q. So maybe that's key, watching The Last Dance.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah. Imagine like make me keep pushing, yeah.

Q. Yeah, to be like Mike. (Laughter.)

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