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November 21, 2020

Brooke Henderson

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. You're 27-under on moving day this year. What is it about moving day that motivates you?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I love moving day. I feel like after you make the cut you're feeling a little bit looser, and I think it's a great day where you can really, well, make a move up the leaderboard and challenge the leaders. I was trying to do that today.

Didn't get as many as I would've liked, but I'm happy with 4-under and hopefully do something similar tomorrow.

Q. I got to ask about Sei Young. Being one of the top players and you see somebody like Sei Young when she gets in her zone, how do you put it? What is Sei Young's zone?

BROOKE HENDERSON: It's definitely inspiring. It's fun to watch, too. When she's playing her best, she's attacking pins and making a lot putts. I got to witness it firsthand at KPMG a few weeks ago when won her first major.

As I've been watching the leaderboard, I think she's doing pretty much the same thing again this week. Definitely fun to watch, and hopefully I'll try to catch her tomorrow.

Q. What is the game plan when you have someone that separates themselves like that? What does the game plan turn into going into the final round?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I think our strategy has been working pretty well so far. I think maybe just fine tune a little bit. She's going to be hard to catch, but I think if we just continue to play smart, maybe attack a little bit more down the stretch, and hopefully make a few more birdies.

Q. How were the pin locations today?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I found then a lot tougher. There was a few that I felt like were really tucked. Made it more difficult to hit close shots without being super aggressive.

But I think if you just continue to play smart, and I'm interested to see where they're going to put them tomorrow.

Q. Seems like there is a lot of roll-out once you get up on the greens. Got really pick your points. Did that seem true?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, for sure. I feel like my caddie has done a really good job and we've been able to discuss a lot of pin locations and where the proper place to be is on a lot of them, which I think is really important.

As I mentioned, play smart and attack pins when they're available, but maybe play a little bit more conservative when they're so tucked and there's big fall-offs.

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