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November 20, 2020

Minjee Lee

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Only five back of the lead on a course that seems to separate players. Do you feel comfortable heading into the weekend?

MINJEE LEE: Yeah, I mean, I think I'm in a pretty good position going into the weekend, I know Sei Young has a big lead right now over my score, but hopefully I can make a couple more birdies on the weekend.

Q. Just a couple weeks ago we would start our daily routines here on the East Coast, turn on Golf Channel, and there you were playing under the lights. You won the Dubai Moonlight Classic. What was that experience like?

MINJEE LEE: Actually it was pretty special. I mean, we got to experience day and night golf, so, I mean, it was super different playing at nighttime. Can't really see where the ball lands. So it was a little, but it was a lot of fun.

Q. What about on the greens? I've always been curious about that.

MINJEE LEE: Actually the greens there were really, really grainy, but you can't see it trying to read the greens at night. Just go by feel.

Q. Get back to this course a little bit. When you first took at peek around during your practice rounds, what were the first impressions, and do you think about a winning score might be when you're looking at a course for the first time like all the rest of the players?

MINJEE LEE: Actually, me and Gillie were talking about and it we were thinking 2- or 3-under would be pretty good each day here. The course is pretty long, so I think it really favors the longer hitters.

The greens are really tricky, so I think if you give yourself a chance on the greens, yeah, I think it'll be okay.

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