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November 20, 2020

Angela Stanford

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Take me through today. Obviously yesterday was steady, even, and then I feel like anything under par here has got to have you feeling good.

ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, you know I think it's tough to hit a green out here, even though they're kind of big. Where the hole locations have been they're just in tight spots of the greens, and so fortunately I've been working a lot on my short game. Coming in handy this week.

Q. What did you do during the three weeks off?

ANGELA STANFORD: Ran a half marathon.

Q. Oh, nice.

ANGELA STANFORD: Did the Fort Worth Half on November 8th, and then just kind of really dove into my putting. I think I've always been a pretty average putter, so changed putters.

Just trying to figure something out.

Q. You were training for which marathon at the beginning of the year?

ANGELA STANFORD: The L.A. Marathon March 8th.

Q. And then it got --


Q. You did? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. You did.

ANGELA STANFORD: I didn't realize until just now they were both on 8s. Huh, okay.

Q. Magical. So the L.A. Marathon, so that was 26.2, and then you ran a half marathon. Where was that?


Q. Okay. So as soon as L.A. was done, how long did you take time off I guess until you got into the training mode again?

ANGELA STANFORD: I didn't start training for the half until July, about middle of July, but I kind of got the itch again -- it was -- well, quarantine, I kind of jumped back into it faster than I thought I would.

I wasn't running long distances but I would jump on the treadmill for three to five miles.

Q. Yeah, just three to five miles, right? You're casual. I feel like to anybody else out here they would be like, Oh, my goodness. Have you gotten that from anybody, like what are you doing?

ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I get a lot of that, especially considering they know I'm a little bit older. So I think it's cool though. I think it's nice that people ask me about it and want to talk about it.

Q. Yeah, especially because I feel like -- because I ran in college, so when you're out here and you're walking, you're walking 18 holes, that takes a lot out of you.

ANGELA STANFORD: Well, and that was the kind of the easy part about the training, is most people that aren't on their feet all day, that's the problem they have, is being on their feet for a marathon anywhere from four to six hours. We do that every day, so I wasn't worried about that part of it.

Q. Yeah. Just the maybe a little added extra cardio.


Q. As far as just jumping up the leaderboard today, I imagine any number probably isn't -- have you ever seen a course where it is so open, the greens are so wide and inviting, but it's almost inevitable that you're going to find a bogey?

ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I just think because they're so firm also. That's why I think they're hard to hit. But I think being a new site for us, and sometimes it feels like you're just the first year getting to know the place. I told my caddie every time I play it I'm seeing something new.

So I think just getting a history of playing on the golf course, and for me that makes me play a little more conservative, so maybe that's good for me. Yeah, I think the more you get to know this place, and I've liked it more and more every day.

Q. What's your approach to running, conservative or...


Q. Just get out there and do it?

ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, my pace is not anything over or under 10.

Q. But, you know, the more -- because when I ran in college, like the more I read about stuff, you don't want to be -- it's not really that great for your body to be excruciatingly putting it through workouts.

ANGELA STANFORD: I'm probably going to stop -- will probably run -- I'm going to use my elliptical more this off-season now. Maybe not run for a little bit. I never had any injuries. Just the normal aches and pains. My knees were fine, ankles were fine.

Q. Yeah, why not?

ANGELA STANFORD: Give it a little break.

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