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November 20, 2020

Maria Fassi

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. (Indiscernible.)

MARIA FASSI: Yeah, definitely. The back nine I guess it's better for my game.

Q. Why, do you think?

MARIA FASSI: I don't know. I think it just sets up better just to my eye. I think it's a little bit easier. I mean, there are some tough holes over there as well. Just I don't know, it just suits me better.

Yeah. I hit two greens on the front, my back today. And some of these greens it's pretty hard to get it up and down if you miss it in the wrong place.

So I think I struggled with that a little bit, but got myself in a position couple times and just couldn't figure it out. But happy that I got it done in the front nine to where I was able to make some mistakes, and, yeah, still be in good shape.

Q. Is there a stretch here that you think is the most difficult, stretch of holes?

MARIA FASSI: I think it depends a lot on pin placements. They moved the tees here a couple times.

But for me, I think on the front, 5 and 6 are hard holes, and then 8 and 9 are hard holes as well; 5 and 6 are both short, but it's just a weird distance off the tee, and I don't really have a comfortable swing off the tee, I guess.

So I kind of struggled with those.

And on the back, I mean, I think 12, the par-3, can play hard. Today we had an easy pin location, but it could play hard; 13 is definitely a great hole. We had the tees moved up today so that was easier, but I hit 5-iron yesterday.

So I think 13 is hard and then 15 and 16 are two good holes. So I think you have -- outside of that, you can be pretty positive on a lot of them, and if you kind of stay on the right side of the green you can be aggressive with the putts.

The greens are not super fast yet, which is nice. If you stay below the hole you can be positive and just be aggressive.

But there is holes where you just have to kind of be happy with the par.

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