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November 20, 2020

Robynn Ree

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Playing well, I would imagine, right? You're done.

ROBYNN REE: I mean, I guess, I'm just glad to be done. I just have one more semester.

Q. One more semester. So you just finished your finals yesterday, one more semester, what's the major in again?

ROBYNN REE: Real estate development.

Q. Real estate development. That's a fun one. That's something you can do --

ROBYNN REE: It's hard.

Q. -- after you're done with golf one day?

ROBYNN REE: Yeah, but, like I took a two-year break from school and so I don't really remember the last two years, to be honest (laughing.)

Q. Good refresher?

ROBYNN REE: Yeah. It's been a huge adjustment. It's been a lot.

Q. Take me through back-to-back 69s. You're right in contention there.

ROBYNN REE: Oh, really? I didn't see the scores.

Q. Leaders are at 6. I think you're like T-5 right now.

ROBYNN REE: Oh, okay. Okay. Yeah, I just, like, honestly, like I just tried not to think about much, tried to not make anything complicated, just because this course, the greens are really tough and it's super windy, so I just wanted to just, if I make a mistake, just try my best to recover from it and, like, obviously, yesterday, I only hit seven greens -- I didn't realize I only hit seven greens -- but I was just getting up-and-down from everywhere, so my putting is definitely saving me right now. My shots are just a little bit, I need to tidy that up. But, yeah, like I'm just not trying to, I'm just trying to keep everything simple right now, just because I've been like really stressed with finals and then, yeah, just the conditions aren't easy, so just trying to do my best by myself.

Q. Just you out there.

ROBYNN REE: Well, I'm pushing my own bag.

Q. Save some money, right?

ROBYNN REE: Yeah. I mean, yeah (laughing.)

Q. What's going on? I looked at your season, what's going on since Walmart? You had a rough start to the year, but since Walmart you've really kind of honed in it looks like.

ROBYNN REE: Yeah, I mean, as bad as it sounds, a lot of the tournaments I've been caddieing for myself, and I just think, like I'm just comfortable being by myself, since I've, that's what I've always done my whole life, even up until college, I was playing by myself. So I'm not like really used to having a caddie and I think that's just been like a really big adjustment for me. So like this year, since it was optional to have a caddie, I've just been using one at like the big tournaments and then other than that just been caddieing for myself.

Q. So is it like up to, like was it like Walmart when you kind of maybe started doing it on your own?

ROBYNN REE: Walmart I caddied for myself. That was an unintentional self caddie. Like I was looking for a caddie and I couldn't find one and I was like, Okay, whatever, I'll just push my own cart. And then I ended up just like, I don't know, I just felt like myself, I guess. So, yeah, it's just been, caddieing for myself is the difference.

Q. In your comfort zone?

ROBYNN REE: Definitely. I just feel like, I know, like my caddies that I've had, even like my recent one with Bob, he like, they don't do anything wrong, it's just, in my head, I just feel like I get really dependent on them and I just complicate it myself. But like when I'm by myself it's only me and so I'm like, well, if I make a mistake it's on me, like there's nobody to blame it on.

Q. There's no like, oh, they said that, but I said this or should have done that?

ROBYNN REE: There's no like extra data that I don't need. So I think that's just, it's just been really just keeping things simple for myself.

Q. What was the class you had yesterday that you finished everything up in?

ROBYNN REE: That was a real estate design class.

Q. Real estate design?

ROBYNN REE: Yeah. Real estate. It's like, yeah, it's like an architecture design class.

Q. And you're just taking it online through USC?

ROBYNN REE: Yeah, it was like a final project revision that was due. So I had to revise it, write five paragraphs about the critiques I received, like redo the drawings. And I'm just like, oh, my God, it's a lot more work than I thought it would be.

Q. So what did your day look like yesterday? Did you get that done in the, finish that up in the morning?

ROBYNN REE: No, no, no. I played -- well I was first off, so I played and then got home, ate dinner, thought I would finish it in like an hour, but it actually took me an hour and a half to finish it.

Q. So you did it after your round yesterday afternoon?

ROBYNN REE: Yeah. So I was, my schedule was to sleep at 8:30, but I ended up showering at like 9:30, so...

Q. Slept a little later?

ROBYNN REE: A little bit later.

Q. That's okay. So now do you see even more maybe freedom this weekend? You make the cut, you're in contention, you don't have school to worry about, you don't have a caddie to worry about, is there a little more freedom this weekend, do you think?

ROBYNN REE: I guess, like, yeah, there's definitely a lot less stress, but like my body is still recovering from that stress. And so I'm not really going to think about where I'm at, just play, hit one shot at a time, hopefully my putting just keeps steady like it is right now.

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